Access Control


Privacy Based Access Control

True User privacy and safety means ensuring team members, systems and services can access only the data they need based on business activities, but few systems are designed with this functionality in mind and are costly to retrofit.


Ethyca Privacy Access Control

Ethyca integrates with your directory service to streamline access based on privacy-compliant processing activities. Now your teams can work friction-free while keeping to the highest standards of data privacy and safety.

Privacy Access Control Features

See how simply Ethyca binds to existing directory services to add privacy processing activities as the frontline of your authorization model.

Connect to Existing Identity Systems

Easily connect to existing identity and directory services for authorization with privacy compliance.

Processing Activity & Privacy Roles

Ensure safety by creating and assigning roles based on processing activities and privacy data class types.

User & System Credentials

Identify systems, services and users with unique credentials supporting detailed tracking of data access.

Consent Flagged Authorization

Easily prevent data accidents by constraining access based on consent given for processing activities.

Questions about Ethyca in your business?

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