Data Entitlements

Privacy-Based Data Entitlements

For End-to-End Data Governance

Drowning in data isn’t just bad for business… it’s bad for user privacy. With Ethyca, team members can only access the data they’re supposed to.

Goodbye To Ad-Hoc Access

Hello To Privacy Made Simple.

The Problem

Data Entitlements

Best practice user privacy adheres to the principle of data minimization, meaning team members, systems and services can access only the data they need based on business activities. However few systems are designed with this functionality in mind and it’s costly to retrofit.

The Solution

Automated Entitlements

Ethyca integrates with your directory service to streamline access for different roles. Access permissions are then automatically determined based on privacy-compliant processing activities. In short, your teams can work friction-free while adhering to the highest standards of data privacy and safety.

Privacy-Based Access Control Features

Connect to Existing Identity Systems

Easily create an impact assessment for a new business process as code via CLI or Slackbot.

Processing Activity and Privacy Roles

Ensure safety by assigning roles based on processing activities and privacy data class types.

Assign User and System Credentials

Identify systems, services and users with unique credentials supporting detailed tracking of data access.

Consent Flagged Authorization

Prevent data accidents by constraining access based on consent for processing activities.

Entitlements in Action

Ethyca’s Privacy-Based Data Entitlements Safeguard Against Data Misuse And Simplify Workflows.

Uses Existing Identity Services:

  • Ethyca connects to your team’s existing Identity Management and Directory Services.
  • This makes it easy to assign access to data based on privacy directives.
  • With no need to modify or replace existing access systems, Ethyca makes privacy control simple and painless.

Processing Activity Roles:

  • Ethyca also manages authorization based on consent preferences and type of processing activity.
  • Combined with identity-based authorization, this ensures no user data is accessed or processed when it shouldn’t be.
  • The result is that teams can work quickly and confidently without pausing to review Access Control at the start of every data processing activity.

Consent Flagged Authorization:

  • Ethyca also ensures organizations can’t commit “unforced errors” while processing user data.
  • It does this by ensuring that processing activity of the data requestor aligns to the consent preferences specified by the user.
  • In this way, Ethyca serves as a privacy guardrail for data-dependent teams without any loss in speed or efficiency.

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