Code Driven: How to Build Trust Into Data & Tech Stacks

Yesterday evening, our CEO Cillian Kieran, gave a talk at FirstMark’s Code Driven event, located in the AWS Loft in Soho, New York. Alongside him was the CEO of FireHydrant, Robert Ross and the CTO of Better, Erik Bernhardsson. Cillian gave an overview of what data privacy means. Additionally, Cillian discussed how to paring the requirements of data privacy compliance if you’re in engineering, data, or product teams. Also, we’ve attached Cillian’s presentation, entitled, “How to Build Trust in Data and Tech Stacks.” To learn more about Ethyca as well as our unique infrastructure solution to data privacy, contact us today.

Trust in Data & Technology

We’re incredibly excited to share Ethyca with the world! Over a year ago, we quietly started working on an engineering problem that is painful for developer teams everywhere. At the same time, it’s vital for the safety of every user of the internet and data-powered businesses. Everyone is talking about data privacy, breaches, system safety/integrity, and regulation. Businesses articulate this as fear of fines with the knee jerk reactions to search for a quick ‘bandaid’ – all while trying to avoid several risks. A Better Way As developers, the friction introduced in CI/CD and the additional human overhead needed to manage data privacy is Sisyphean without any tangible improvement in the end user’s data safety. As people who work in …