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Inventory & Data Mapping

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Save your team hours of effort with an instant, birds-eye view of the business’s data supply chain.
Dynamic Data Maps
Dynamic Data Maps
Dynamic Data Maps

Goodbye To Spreadsheets

Hello To Privacy Made Simple.

The Problem

Data Mapping

Manually assembling and maintaining a map of personal information carries high potential for human error, and buries teams in mountains of paperwork. What’s more, bringing in outside help to facilitate the exercise is expensive and time-consuming.

The Solution

Automated Data Mapping

Once Ethyca is implemented into your business’s tech stack, it monitors data flows and automatically generates a map of data processes across the entire organization. This data map allows you to craft reports that are vital for regulatory compliance at fixed, minimal cost.

Data Mapping Features

Automated Data Maps

Automate data mapping of system users, services and business context across your technology stack.

Intuitive Visualization

Generate a global and granular view of your data flows with easy to use mapping visualization tools.

Granular Filtering

Remove guesswork from mapping with analysis by privacy type, processing activity, & date range.

Regulatory Reporting

Automate reports with pre-built templates that meet the regulatory standards of any jurisdiction.

The Data Map In Action

Ethyca’s Automated Data Mapping Supercharges Privacy Capabilities Across The Full Scope of Your Business.

PII Data Mapping
PII Data Mapping
PII Data Mapping

Essential For CCPA:

  • Easily manage PII categories for any data platform in your stack.
  • Instantly visualize data flows across your business systems.
  • Categorize elements of your tech stack according to their data processing purpose.
Dynamic Data Maps

Privacy-Defined Filters:

  • Use the data map to easily filter data by privacy-defined type.
  • Highlight the data of highest privacy risk for any process.
  • Make quick, smart decisions about managing data business-wide.
Dynamic Data Maps
Dynamic Data Maps
Data Mapping Software Reports
Data Mapping Software Reports
Data Mapping Software Reports

Run Customized Reports:

  • Output automated reports in CSV, PDF or custom format.
  • Filter by system users, data type, or processing activity.
  • Pre-built report templates to meet any regulatory standard.

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