Data Mapping


Data Flow Mapping

Data privacy regulations require comprehensive analysis of data collected and processed, including access modeling. This leads to resource intensive manual mapping and given complexity – a risk of errors.


Mapping with Ethyca

Ethyca sits in-line in your tech stack data flows, intermediating transactions to automatically generate empirical data-flows, providing total visibility of data usage and access across the business.

Data Mapping Features

Easily add end-to-end data mapping to your infrastructure. Ethyca automatically adds a complete array of mapping, inventory and access reporting capabilities.

Automated Data Maps

Automate data mapping of system users, services and business context across your organizations stack.

Intuitive Visualization

Generate a global and granular view of your data flows with easy to use mapping visualization tools.

Granular Filtering

Remove guesswork from mapping with analysis by privacy type, processing activity, phase and date range.

Regulatory Reporting

Automate regulatory reports from pre-built templates designed to meet the standards of each jurisdiction.

Questions about Ethyca in your business?

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