Ethyca CCPA Demo B

Full CCPA Compliance. Zero Headaches.

The CCPA is finally here. But don’t stress.

Ethyca provides 100% automated solutions to all data privacy tasks the law requires.

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Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets.

Ethyca automatically handles Data Maps, Data Subject Requests, and Consent Management.
Consent Management – Ethyca lets your users manage all their data consent preferences in a single panel. So if they say “Do Not Sell My Data”, it’s instantly, automatically updated throughout your organization. 
Data Maps – Hook your third-party platforms into Ethyca using our pre-built adaptors and instantly see a real-time map of your business’s data flows.
DSRs – When a customer requests their data, Ethyca processes it automatically and sends them a comprehensive report, per CCPA requirements, with no effort needed from your team.