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Linking datasets

Linking datasets

In this section, we will explore the process for linking datasets to integrations so that privacy requests can be executed against all of your data, whether in a database or third party SaaS application.

Linking a dataset to an integration

Database integrations require a dataset to describe the table or collection schemas and relationships. To link a dataset to an integration, you can either create a new dataset or link an existing dataset.

Creating a new dataset

To create a new dataset while configuring a database integration, you may use the dataset editor by:

  1. Clicking on the editor icon.
  2. Pasting or typing in the YAML configuration.
Create a dataset

You may edit an existing dataset at any time by returning to the database integation and selecting the dataset editor icon.

To learn additional ways to create datasets, please see our guide for Creating datasets.

Linking an existing dataset

To link an existing dataset while configuring a database integration, select the appropriate dataset from the drop-down menu.

Link a dataset