Ethyca Enterprise - What’s Included?

Ethyca’s Enterprise Product uses custom-built drivers to integrate with any proprietary tech stack. It includes the following modules:

Real-time Data Mapping

Fully automated, real-time mapping based on data transactions in your tech stack.

Automated Subj. Requests

Full automation of Subject Access Requests (DSR/SAR) across your data stores.

Automated Edit Requests

Automate retrieval of individual user data attributes throughout your organization.

Subj. Erasure Management

Automatically identify and flag user data for deletion or fully automate deletion.

Consent Flow Automation

Automatically add consent mapping to any data fields based on processing activities.

Privacy Data Entitlements

Connect to existing directory services and extend with privacy processing activities.

Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Easily add impact assessments to the engineering process with code-based assessment tools.

Go-Forward Compliance

Deploy once and gain total, global compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD.

Developer Tools For Data Compliance

There’s a perception that engineers don’t care about privacy. We don’t think it’s true. We just think they haven’t been given tools to make privacy an elegant part of their workflow – until now.

Compliance Tools To Ease Legal Team Workloads

Interpreting the CCPA isn’t always simple, but managing it should be. Ethyca saves compliance teams hundreds of hours per month by automating tasks that were previously a mountain of emails, meetings, and spreadsheets.

Ethyca's Data Map Supercharges Privacy Capabilities

Say Hello To Data Privacy Made Simple.

Real-time Data Mapping

  • Essential for CCPA.
  • Easily manage PII categories for any data platform in your stack.
  • Instantly visualize data flows across your business systems.
  • Categorize elements of your tech stack according to their data processing purpose.

Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets with Automated DSRs

Say Hello To Data Privacy Made Simple.

Automated Subject Requests

  • Ethyca’s pre-built adaptors connect to all of your systems and retrieve specific  user data points.
  • Any Subject Request can be completed by the user, with no need for admin processing.
  • Users and administrators can exercise efficient, shared control over data records on an ongoing basis.

Never Sweat Consent Preferences Again

Say Hello To Data Privacy Made Simple.

Consent by Processing Activity

  • Users toggle their consents in a branded Privacy Center.
  • Their preferences auto-update throughout your organization.
  • Let your teams leverage user data in full confidence.

Complete DPIAs in Exactly Zero Seconds

Say Hello To Data Privacy Made Simple.

Data Impact Assessments As Code

  • Ethyca lets Risk Assessment take place within a CI/CD workflow.
  • When a member of the development team requests data access for processing, Ethyca automates performance of a risk assessment for that request.
  • The result is a regulatory-standard, auditable DPIA log with no need for emails, meetings, or cross-department collaboration.

Link Data Access to Directory Services

Say Hello To Data Privacy Made Simple.

Privacy-Based Data Entitlements

  • Ethyca connects to your team’s existing Identity Management and Directory Services.
  • This makes it easy to assign access to data based on privacy directives.
  • With no need to modify or replace existing access systems, Ethyca makes privacy control simple and painless.

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