Ethyca Choice Lander

Meet CHOICE: Consent Made Simple & Safe For CCPA Advertising

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“Our team was drawn to Ethyca’s technology-first solution as a means to decrease the manual effort for our data and engineering team, while providing an intuitive, respectful UX for our community.”

Josh Beser, General Counsel

Empower User Consent. Preserve Vital Performance.

Why Not Cookies?

When a customer makes a purchase on your website, there’s a bunch of data created that cookies simply can’t capture. Since cookies work at a browser level, they don’t suppress data like account and purchase info from flowing into backend systems – and out into a whole ecosystem of 3rd party applications.

Ethyca CHOICE lets users log “Do Not Sell” requests at an account-based level, which means ALL the data you hold relating to their activity can be locked down. The result? Real CCPA consent compliance.