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Why Are OneTrust Customers Switching To Ethyca?

“Ethyca handles all our data privacy needs related to CCPA and GDPR, including hosting our privacy center, consent management, data erasure requests, & data download requests. This has taken a significant amount of stress and confusion off our service team.”

– Meg M, G2

Users File CCPA or GDPR Privacy Requests

Ethyca Queries Owned & 3rd-Party Data Systems

Access & Erasure Automatically Processed

Feel The Difference Of Truly Automated Privacy

Platforms like OneTrust use basic workflow automation to output a request “to-do” list for your team, leaving hours – even days – of manual work for them to complete a single DSR. On the other hand, Ethyca’s systems-level automation actually completes the to-do list, with serious time savings. Ethyca fulfills DSRs in 17.2 seconds, with no human input required. Here’s some more info on the impact of truly automated privacy:


Average amount of time for Ethyca to process a Data Subject Request in any infrastructure.


Average time it took a team to fulfill an access request in 2020. (Guardum)


Estimated cost of manually fulfilled one DSR. (Gartner)


Percentage of data privacy officers expecting a “massive increase” in users’ access requests in the post-pandemic return to work (Guardum)

Data Mapping Drives Brand Trust

When we talk about automation at Ethyca, we’re referring to a solution that plugs into your data infrastructure for friction-free compliance. Effectively automated privacy operations aren’t just a nice-to-have; they unlock business and compliance success. Ethyca lessens the burden on your GRC and engineering teams, freeing them up to innovate rather than play regulatory catch-up. As for compliance, Ethyca reduces the likelihood of costly human error, where a simple oversight could land your team a hefty fine. The end-result: a privacy-forward brand that’s worthy of users’ trust and loyalty.

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