Ethyca Solves Data Mapping

Why Choose Ethyca for Data Mapping?

We Automate Privacy-Compliant Data Maps for Global Businesses.

Ethyca maps your business data in minutes.

Our pre-built integrations connect with all the systems in your stack to generate a comprehensive inventory of your business data. With the data map in place, honoring US & European privacy laws becomes straightforward.

And it fully automates data access, edit, and erasure.

A data map is a great start, but efficiently leveraging that map is the secret to succeeding at privacy. Ethyca turns requests to edit, access, or erase data into a fully automated process – saving your team hundreds of hours of processing time.

Privacy Compliance Made Simple & Scalable.

Ethyca Fully Automates Data Inventory Management.

Data Mapping
Connect the platforms in your tech stack to Ethyca’s control panel using our pre-built data integrations, then watch as a comprehensive data map is automatically generated.
Consent Management
Consent requirements can place a heavy burden on GRC teams. Ethyca lets users independently manage their consent, including the CCPA’s “Do Not Sell,” without the need for support.
Data Requests
It can take many long hours for teams to manually process user requests to access or erase data under CCPA or GDPR. Ethyca yields huge efficiency gains by fully automating the entire process.

We'll Help You Ace Data Privacy.

Save your team time, delight your users...and fully comply.

Dynamic Data Maps Tools

Let Ethyca do the legwork for all privacy tasks.