Data Glossary

Every Privacy Pro Starts Somewhere.

If you're trying to sort your CCPAs from your GDPRs, The Ethyca Data Glossary is here to help.

We made this tool to ease newcomers into the data privacy world. It can also serve as a good quick reference for more seasoned privacy veterans. The Ethyca team will be updating the Glossary regularly, so we encourage you to bookmark and use it as a resource.

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Use The Glossary For a Primer In GDPR, CCPA, & More

What Are The Rules?

Learn the laws of various lands: how they’re similar, how they’re different, and how they apply to your business.

What Are The Concepts?

Learn about the core concepts that underpin all the major data privacy laws and business activities.

What Are The Activities?

Brush up on all the tasks a team is expected to manage under the latest wave of global data privacy regulations.