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See How We Simplify CCPA Privacy For Global Brands

Scrap The Spreadsheets

Let Ethyca do the legwork for all CCPA & GDPR tasks.

Automated Data Maps

Hook your tech and marketing stack into Ethyca using our pre-built adaptors to see an instant map of all your business’s data flows.

Data Subject Requests

When a customer requests their data, Ethyca processes it automatically and sends them a full report with no effort needed from your team.

Consent Management

Ethyca lets your users manage all their consent preferences in a single panel. “Do Not Sell My Data” requests update instantly across the organization.

Dynamic Data Maps

Save hours of effort with an instant view of your data supply chain.

Dynamic Data Maps
Dynamic Data Maps
Dynamic Data Maps

Essential for CCPA:

  • Easily manage PII categories for any data platform in your stack.
  • Instantly visualize data flows across your business systems.
  • Categorize elements of your tech stack according to their data processing purpose.

Simplified Subject Requests

Make Access, Edit, & Erasure light work... or no work at all.

One Panel To Rule Them All:

  • All subject requests flow into a unified control panel.
  • There, they can be reviewed and batch approved.
  • Processing & fulfillment of DSRs is 100% automatic.

Uncomplicated Consent

Build trust by empowering users to truly take charge.

Consent Management Software
Consent Management Software
Consent Management Software

Stop Sweating Preferences:

  • Fully automate CCPA “Do Not Sell My Data” processing.
  • Users toggle their consents in a branded Privacy Center.
  • Their preferences auto-update throughout your organization.
  • Let your teams leverage user data in full confidence.

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