Fides now supports e2e data subject rights fulfillment, free & open-source. 🚀

Our objective: maximize contact points

Track your conversation count in the official Google Form here!

We’re asking each team member to initiate conversations and maximize Ethyca’s contact points at the conference. 

As it’s a privacy-specific event, lead and badge scanning will not take place at the booth. This makes it doubly important to log points of contact through the form above. Thanks!

Nail the Talking Points

Here are answers to seven questions you'll probably (definitely) get asked.

Who is/are Ethyca?
  • Ethyca is a developer-centric privacy engineering platform. We believe organizations need to proactively address privacy and treat it as a core business requirement. Our products make it easy to build trustworthy software.
  • We’re a Series A company based out of New York, but we support a distributed team all over the United States and Europe. 
What is Fides?
  • Fides is an open-source privacy engineering platform that makes it easy for teams to build respect as a feature in any tech stack.
  • Released at the end of last year, it has a fast-growing number of privacy engineering use-cases, including end-to-end privacy rights fulfillment and automated risk evaluation in the CI pipeline.
  • Fides exists because we at Ethyca believe that privacy, like security, needs to be shifted left into the software development life cycle to give both engineers and GRC teams the chance to collaborate in building truly respectful technology systems.
Why are Ethyca at IAPP GPS?
  • We’re at IAPP to announce that our Fides platform now supports end-to-end privacy rights fulfillment, free and open-source. This means any team, anywhere can start building respect for privacy rights into their tech stack using Fides.
  • This includes:
    • A privacy portal for users to submit data subject requests
    • A UI for managing and approving your privacy request queue
    • Full end-to-end automation capability of request orchestration in owned databases as well as SaaS products
    • A GDPR-compliant Article 30 RoPA export
    • Automated data discovery in cloud infrastructure and in your IDP
  • We’re able to offer this free and open-source because Fides’ privacy-as-code approach makes “hard” privacy tasks easy, and “impossible” privacy tasks achievable.
Group 18
What is the future vision for Fides?
  • End-to-end privacy rights fulfillment is an important first step in making Fides the “all-in-one” privacy engineering platform that empowers any organization to easily develop trustworthy products (for free). 
  • For Fidesops: We’ll be going deeper into DSR automation to help organizations quickly and easily connect to any system they control, providing DSR automation that is scalable, efficient, and comprehensive.
  • For Fidesctl: Creating and enforcing your privacy policies as code will drive us towards a more comprehensive data governance space.
Artboard Copy
Are you truly open-source?
  • At Ethyca, we believe privacy is a basic right that should be a feature of any technology system.
  • We think the best way to realize that vision is to ensure that Fides is free and open for anyone to access. There’s a bunch of beloved tools that have travelled this path – think Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker – so we think we’re in good company!
  • The core elements of the Fides platform will always be free and open-source, which means freely accessible for anyone who wants to go pull the repo from Github. The core of Fides will always be free, and we’re excited to start growing a community around the Fides language and toolset. As our platform grows increasingly sophisticated and adds use cases, we anticipate large enterprises will be wanting bespoke implementations, consultative support, and other one-off forms of work/collaboration.
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What makes you different from the other companies here?
  • We are the only company offering a true Privacy-as-Code approach; in other words, an approach that treats data in such a way that its privacy attributes are explicit and governable within the code structure.
  • We offer products that are free and open-source.
  • We think privacy should start at the beginning of the software development lifecycle and are creating solutions that fit into the typical workflow of both an engineer and a privacy officer.



Monday, 4/11


Team members arrive, evening huddle to review conference run-of-show. 

  • Afternoon/Eve: Ethyca team arrives, checks in to Moxy Hotel
  • 9:00 PM Team meeting in hotel for food and final run thru, talking points, etc

Tuesday, 4/12

IAPP Day One

First full day of IAPP is an opportunity to check out panels and run sessions at the Ethyca booth. Our Ethyca-sponsored panel is today.

  • 7 am: Team assembles at hotel
  • 7:15 am: Team departs hotel for exhibit hall
  • 8 am: Exhibit hall opens
  • Run demos on the hour, EVANGELIZE!
  • 11am-12 PM: Ethyca-sponsored panel: Privacy-as-Code: Solving the future of data governance at enterprise scale, Location: Salon B, Level M4, Convention Center
  • 4:15 pm: Exhibit Hall closes
  • Return to hotel, shower, change
  • 6:30 pm: Dinner @ The Pig DC – bring your BBQ boots!

Wednesday, 4/13

IAPP Day Two

Cillian’s DRP panel happens on the second day, followed by a team event in the evening.

  • 7 am: Team assemble at hotel
  • 7:15 am: Team depart hotel for exhibit hall
  • 8 am: Hall opens
  • Run demos on the hour, EVANGELIZE!
  • 1:30 PM Booth closes
  • 3 PM-4PM: CK DRP panel with Consumer Reports, Salon B, Level M4, Marriott
  • Return to hotel, shower, change
  • 7:30 pm: DC City Night Tour – We have booked a bus/walking tour for the capital at night. The full tour is scheduled to take 3 hours, but we are welcome to depart early. You can read more about the Tour package here.

Thursday, 4/14

Check out

Team members check out and depart.

  • Morning – Ethyca team checks out and departs 

Booth Schedule

You should plan to be around the booth all day Tuesday and 1/2 day Wednesday unless otherwise engaged. As the booth is open for only 1.5 days, and every booth visitor a Privacy Pro of some stripe, my general request is that the traveling team stay anchored to the booth as much as possible. That said, I have laid out some rough blocks that can orient our efforts. We can discuss more on Monday night how tightly we want to adhere to this proposed schedule. 

Tuesday April 11

  • 8 AM – 12 PM: Simon, Neville, Dawn, Kelly, Johnny
  • 12 PM – 4:15 PM: James, Adria, Neville, Dawn, Kelly

Wednesday April 12

  • 8 AM – 11 AM: Simon, Neville, James, Johnny, Adria
  • 11 AM – 1:30 PM: James, Adria, Dawn, Kelly, Simon

Conference Map

Emergency contacts

Name Method Phone
Kelly SMS / Whatsapp +1 804 592 6405
James Whatsapp +1 647 704 7410
Neville SMS / Whatsapp +1 646 945 0229
Simon SMS / Slack +353 87626 6640

In case of emergency at the conference

There will be a first aid station at the conference (details to be provided in the coming days), and you should always feel free to contact your manager or any other manager in case of a health or other emergency.



Our hotel is the Moxy DC Downtown, located at: 

1011 K Street Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia 20001, United States

Check-in is at 3pm local time, check-out is at noon.

Early check-in is possible but is contingent on room availability. Allow for the possibility of needing to kill some time before your room opens up.  

Yes – the hotel will offer secure storage for your luggage.

Yes, the room includes breakfast and covers the city tax, but not any incidental charges such as minibar, restaurant, or bar charges.

Each room will be under the individual team member’s name. Please check the confirmation email provided to you by the hotel for details. If you have not received a confirmation email from the hotel, please reach out to your manager urgently.

There is basic wifi included with your booking. High speed wifi can be expensed to the company.

Buffet breakfast is included at the hotel each morning. If you are interested in eating at the hotel for other meals, you can take advantage of the hotel bar or restaurant, though you will need to confirm the menu and dietary preference restrictions with the hotel staff.


From both Dulles and Reagan airport, taxi or Uber is the best method of transportation, and can be expensed to the company. 

The public transit from Dulles is too complex to be advisable. 

From Reagan, if you want to take transit, you can locate the metrorail station at the airport and  ride the BLUE LINE as follows:

The Walter E Washington Convention Center will host the IAPP Global Privacy Summit. 

From our hotel, it is a 3 minute walk East on K street to reach the front entrance of the convention center.

Here is a link to the walking directions: VIEW IN GOOGLE MAPS


Yes! Breakfast is catered through the hotel each morning and you are welcome to enjoy dinner with the team on Tuesday and Wednesday night at local restaurants sponsored by Ethyca. You will also have a $25/day per diem which can be used towards meals should you wish to eat independently. We recommend using your per diem for lunch, though you can use it to expense dinner if you choose to eat dinner separately from the group.

No. As best we can tell, you will need to buy lunch from nearby food vendors. We are in  downtown DC so there will be plenty o f options available. 


Yes, you may expense your taxi or rideshare to and from the airport at your local destination and in DC, up to $100 each way.

If you are wanting to check a bag for extra cost, please reach out to your manager for pre-approval.  

Food and non-alcoholic beverages only.

Yes, however, please be reminded that in this case you should use your per diem for lunch or other food costs if needed.

No, you may not expense alcohol. Any alcohol related charges on your bill will be subtracted from your expensable total.

Yes, if necessary. Your daily per diem includes $25 for your travel day.


We’ll provide you with a shirt (2) and a hoodie (1) to wear at the booth. You are welcome to wear whatever trousers you’d like, including jeans.

From the IAPP: We are an informal bunch. Wear whatever makes you comfortable, no suits required. Speaking of comfort, you’ll be doing a lot of walking at the Summit. Plan to wear comfy shoes and dress in layers to adjust to fluctuating venue temperatures.

We will release a booth schedule in the days leading up to IAPP  GPS. 

This depends on your role! Each booth block will include some combination of Solutions, Product, Engineering, Leadership, and other Ethycans for a total of at least 4 Ethycans during each scheduled block. You might be doing a demo (Engineering), talking to a prospect (Solutions), answering basic questions or handing out coffees/swag (everyone else). If you are not scheduled to be at the booth, but would still like to be there, please do feel free to come by the booth to help out.

See  above section for key talking points.


For the conference: As advised in the pre-briefing, COVID vaccination is required to attend the conference.  Please ensure to bring proof of vaccination in order to attend the event. 

For travel: Those flying domestically in the United States are not federally required to take a COVID-19 test to travel, however you should consult with your airline carrier to understand if they require a negative test before flying. Tests can be expensed to the company. 

In the event of testing positive in DC: Though there will not be any required tests in DC, in the event you fall ill and test positive for COVID-19, Ethyca will cover the cost of accommodation until such time as you are ready to travel again. 

General guidance: The conference will not require masks, nor to the best of our knowledge will the restaurants we will be visiting, or the tour that we will be taking. With that said, we encourage you to observe the masking and social distancing protocols that feel suitable for you, but advise you to be mindful that those measures may not be taken by all those around you.