The Ethyca-Powered Privacy Center

What’s My Privacy Center?

Your Ethyca-powered Privacy Center is the key component of your business’s customer-facing privacy management operation. It’s a custom-branded webpage that serves as a portal for your users to manage their privacy in a streamlined fashion. In the Privacy Center, users can submit data access requests, manage their consent preferences from a single location, and file “do not sell” or erasure requests. They can also view your company’s privacy policy. 

Below, you can see the different areas of a typical Privacy Center and functionality each area contains. Here’s some more additional detail on each highlighted area:

Where Does My Privacy Center Live?

When you set up an Ethyca-powered Privacy Center, it will live on a subdomain of your primary web property. This is because we’re a cloud product –  we host your instance of Ethyca on our own servers. A typical URL for an Ethyca-powered Privacy Center is: 

This Privacy Center links back to your business’s Ethyca Control Panel. All the requests that your users make there will show up in the Control Panel where a member of your team can manually approve them, or, if you’ve turned off manual approvals, they will begin to process automatically.


How Do I Customize My Privacy Center?

We offer two customization options for your Privacy Center so that it can feel appropriate to your brand. These options are set during configuration of Ethyca. They are:


Background color This can be set with a hex value to match your brand style guide
Company Logo This should be supplied as a PNG with a transparent background and should be optimized for appearance over the background color you supply.


Here’s where you set Privacy Center customizations when you’re onboarding with Ethyca: