To create your API key to connect for your instance of Slack to Ethyca, follow the steps below:

Identify your Slack Workspace Domain

  1. Navigate to, and press “Sign In” to log in with your administrator credentials.
  2. On the authentication screen, you will need your workspace domain. Copy and paste the full domain into the Domain field in the Ethyca setup page.

Identify your Slack Admin Token

1. After authenticating from the url above, press “Create an App”

2. Give your app a descriptive name such as “Ethyca Privacy Management” and select the applicable workspace, if you have multiple.

3. Under the Basic Information menu, select “Permissions”.

4. Under the User Token Scopes heading, click “Add an OAuth Scope” and select the following permissions in the dropdown:

  • channels:history
  • channels:read
  • chat:write
  • groups:history
  • identify
  • im:history
  • im:read
  • mpim:history
  • mpim:read
  • usergroups:read
  • users.profile:read
  • users:read
  • admin.conversations:read, admin.conversations:write, admin.users:write, admin.users:read, admin.teams:read, admin.teams:write

5. Scroll to the top of the page, and click “Install App to Workspace”.

6. Click “Allow” to allow the Ethyca app to manage your Slack data.

7. Your App Admin Token can be found in the body of the page, copy and paste into the Ethyca setup page.