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Privacy Policies are a ubiquitous part of life on the web, but thanks to recent reform, they’re more prominent to users than in previous times. Around the time of GDPR went into effect, website visitors grew accustomed to “We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy” pop-ups around every corner. While they may have had a slightly negative impact on the browsing experience, the notification was absolutely necessary. 

That’s because more than ever, company Privacy Policies are an essential forum for demonstrating regulatory compliance, both to the powers-that-be and to consumers. There’s no better place to show visitors to your site that you’re taking their privacy seriously, and under both GDPR and CCPA, Privacy Policies are expected to contain more information than ever. The EU has assembled a useful guide for how to craft compliant Privacy Policies that you can read here. As of the time of writing, CCPA’s “Privacy Notice” requirements are still being debated via a series of amendments to the original bill. But the IAPP recently applied a preliminary CCPA analysis to one app’s Privacy Policy that makes for instructive reading.