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Welcome to the Ethyca Glossary.
Use it to find data laws like CCPA & GDPR, concepts, and activities explained simply.

The two pieces of regulation everyone wants to talk about are GDPR and CCPA, but data privacy laws are in various stages of development all over the world. That includes the United States. Maine, Rhode Island, and Nevada have already enacted comprehensive privacy laws, and states from New York to Washington currently have bills under construction. There’s also significant pressure from both citizens and businesses to enact sweeping federal-level legislation, something you can read more about here.

On the world stage, there are numerous other countries that have or will soon have digital privacy laws. In Canada, the long-standing PIPEDA was recently strengthened by the amendment of Senate Bill S-4, which focuses strictly on privacy in the digital sphere. In Australia, the Privacy Act of 1988 has been strengthened by the recent addition of two digital-focused amendments in 2013 and 2017. Other countries have passed recent legislation updates or having legislation coming soon are:

  • Brazil (LGPD)
  • South Africa (POPI)
  • India (PDPB)
  • Japan (APPI)

The company DLA Piper keeps a useful heat map of privacy regulation by region here.