How To Do Database Notation For Data Mapping

Once you've decided on the appropriate method for implementing your data map, you'll need to analyze your company's data using one of a few different methods. Here's a guide to how this Data Notation process should be carried out.

How To Address A Subject Erasure Request

The idea that an individual user can compel a company to delete all traces of their data is powerful, but servicing these requests properly requires a well-honed process and a deeper understanding of what is meant by erasure.

How To Implement A Data Minimization Strategy

Data minimization is one of the most important principles your business can follow to respect user data - and comply with global privacy laws. Follow along to see the basics of how to implement minimization in your data operations.

How To Talk To Users About Their Privacy Requests

One of the first questions a business asks when they receive a privacy-related request from a user is: "how do we respond"? This guide contains templates for different types of privacy communication between privacy teams and their customers.

How To Verify User Identity For Data Subject Access Requests

When your business receives a data subject request, verifying the identity of the requestor is a key first step. This step-by-step guide takes you through the pros and cons for different methods of subject request identity verification.

How To Build Your Company’s Data Map

A data map is a representation of your company's data infrastructure, and one of the first steps for your company to become GDPR and CCPA compliant.