Privacy Pilot Infrastructure

We’re currently in pilot programs with key enterprise and growth stage startups in the technology community. Our pilot program focuses our privacy engineering expertise on specific use cases of Ethyca infrastructure in order to assist customers to achieving full privacy compliance with minimal effort.

If you would like to be considered for, or learn more about Ethyca’s pilot program, please contact us below.

Included Features

Core features of Ethyca Privacy Infrastructure in the current system version include:

Real-time Data Mapping

Fully automated, real-time mapping based on real data transactions in your tech stack.

Automated Subject Requests (DSR)

Full automation of Subject Access Requests (DSR/SAR) across your data stores.

Automated Edit Requests

Automate of individual user data attributes throughout your organization.

Subject Erasure Management

Automatically identify and flag user data for deletion or fully automate deletion.

Consent Flow Automation

Automatically add consent mapping to any data fields based on processing activities.

Privacy Access Control

Connect to existing directory services and extend with privacy processing activities.

Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Easily add impact assessments to eng process with code based assessment tools.

Go Forward Compliance

Deploy once and gain total, global compliance with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, etc.