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Priced To Suit Any Team Or Any Data Privacy Task

Data Privacy solutions shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. So we offer Ethyca at a variety of price-points to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

What Integrations do I need?

Data Integrations

Ethyca integrates seamlessly with your existing data stores like Shopify, Zendesk, Stripe, and more.

Ethyca integrates seamlessly with your existing data stores like Shopify, Zendesk, Stripe, and more. Each platform you connect counts as 1 Data Integration.

ATLAS Integrations

Ethyca uses ATLAS to integrate with bespoke-built data stores that are unique to your business.

Ethyca uses ATLAS to integrate with bespoke-built data stores that are unique to your business. Connecting one of these counts as 1 ATLAS integration.


Suitable for the smallest businesses, or for bigger ones road-testing a privacy solution


Maximum 3 Data Integrations with the option to upgrade at any time to more


Perfect for small to medium-sized business seeking full privacy compliance

$Paid Monthly (USD)

Up to 3 free Data Integrations with option to buy additional integrations @$99/each

You have added 32 data integrations

most popular


A full-service solution for large companies with complex tech stacks and data flows

$Paid Monthly (USD)+ $4k one-time setup fee

Up to 3 free Data Integrations with option to buy additional integrations @$99/each

You have added 25 data integrations and 16 ATLAS integrations


A customized solution designed for your business to achieve 100% compliance

  • Dedicated forward deployed privacy engineers
  • Real-time automated data lineage & notation
  • Fine-grained data entitlements for privacy policies
  • Code-line impact assessments for SDLC
  • Total global compliance with GDPR, CCPA & LGPD

A truly bespoke privacy solution featuring customized versions of Ethyca’s most powerful tools.

Core Feature Breakdown

Instantly generated Data Map
Live, automated Data Map updates
Automatic User Identity Validation for DSR (data subject requests)
Automatic processing of data subject requests
Streamline and auto-update customer consent preferences business-wide (including “Do Not Sell” )
Customizable web page for customers to file all privacy requests and manage consent
Self-service addition and removal of 3rd party data integrations
Unlimited customer request processing
Customer Support via email, phone, or live chat
ATLAS integrations: with Atlas you can 'bring your own database' and rapidly integrate any custom data storage system you use
Concierge Setup
Privacy by Design: Bespoke data mapping and DSR fulfillment automation tailored to your legacy or next-gen infrastructure
Data Privacy as a Service: personalized consultation and risk assessment of your technical infrastructure and mitigation recommendations
Auditable report trail of all privacy processing activities
Privacy Policy Data Entitlement
Engineer audit tools

Comprehensive Compliance Tools

Automate your privacy paper trail to meet legal requirements

Instantly generated Data Map
Live, automated Data Map updates
Data tracing through 3rd party app integrations
Data tracing through your legacy data stores
Impact Assessment (DPIA) generation
Automated data subject request (DSR) fulfillment
Data deletion and data masking configurable options
Privacy by Design customization
Custom risk assessment
Data Privacy as a Service

Convenience for Your Customers

Provide streamlined, best-in-class privacy experiences

Customized webpage with your brand logos and colors
Publicly accessible (branded) subdomain
Instant email acknowledgement of DSR receipt
Customer identity proofing for fraud reduction
Publicly accessible branded vanity domain

Time-saving for Your Team

Empower your team to delivery great privacy with less manual effort

Manual or automatic configurable DSR fulfillment
Self-service management of data integrations
Data integrations with 3rd party applications
Maximum 3
3 free, then $99/month per integration
3 free, then $99/month per integration
Unlimited customer request processing
Unlimited internal user seats
Ethyca customer support
Integration with hosted legacy data stores
2 free, then $250/month per integration
Customized concierge setup
Dedicated Ethyca Customer Success Manager

Achieve More Faster

Accelerate Your Business with Automated Data Compliance

  • Real-time Data Mapping

    Fully automated, real-time mapping based on data transactions in your tech stack.

  • Automated Subject Requests

    Full automation of Subject Access Requests (DSR/SAR) across your data stores.

  • Automated Edit Requests

    Automate retrieval of individual user data attributes throughout your organization.

  • Subject Erasure Management

    Automatically identify and flag user data for deletion, or fully automate deletion tasks.

  • Consent Flow Automation

    Automatically add consent mapping to any data fields based on processing activities.

  • Privacy Data Entitlements

    Connect to existing directory services and extend with privacy processing activities.

  • Impact Assesment (DPIA)

    Easily add DPIAs to the engineering process with code-based assessment tools.

  • Pre-built Report Templates

    Generate reports from from pre-built templates to satisfy the requirements of any regional regulator.

  • Go-forward Compliance

    Deploy once and gain total, global compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and data privacy laws around the world.

A Single System with

Enterprise-Wide Control

Ethyca connects easily to every application in your technology stack, giving you complete privacy control with zero headaches.

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Common Questions

  • What are data subject rights?

    Individual data rights are at the core of all the major pieces of data privacy legislation. They are a bundle of rights aimed at letting individuals exert control over the way that their data is collected, stored, and processed by other parties. Ethyca gives businesses a way to let customers exercise their data rights without huge time and resource cost to the business.

  • What are customer privacy requests?

    Customer privacy requests are one of the main ways that your users can exercise their data privacy rights. By making a request to Access, Edit, or Delete their data, they’re able to exert control over how their data is leveraged by a business. To satisfy users and compliance team members alike, Ethyca allows for the automated processing of all privacy requests.

  • What is a data map?

    If you're seeking to become GDPR or CCPA-compliant, a data map is the essential first step. Put simply, a data map is a visual representation of your company's data infrastructure and the information flowing through it. Ethyca automates data mapping for your businesses and updates the map in real-time as data flows are modified.

  • What are data integrations?

    Data Integrations are the connectors Ethyca uses to plug into your organization’s data ecosystem and manage user privacy. Each one acts like a “Rosetta Stone” for a certain application your company uses. Connecting allows Ethyca to see, sort, surface, and modify the personal data contained inside an application.

  • What are ATLAS integrations?

    Many businesses prefer to build their own data infrastructure rather than use off-the-shelf solutions. To be compliant with privacy laws, the data in those proprietary systems must also be surfaced in Ethyca. ATLAS is a connector that can plug into any data store and let you manage what’s inside, letting you stay compliant even if your tech stack is one-of-a-kind.

  • What is consent management?

    Consent management is a core task of modern privacy compliance. Under laws like GDPR and CCPA, users must be able to control whether their data is used in different business activities. Coordinating this can be time-consuming and error prone. So Ethyca automates the process and lets users manage all consent preferences in a single location.

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