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Atlas: privacy for owned infrastructure

Programmatically orchestrate privacy requests in your data stack. Atlas lets engineers effortlessly build CCPA & GDPR compliance into leading SQL & NoSQL platforms. 

What’s included?

Bring first-class programmatic privacy to your databases

Execute Direct to Database​

Perform access and erasure in owned databases like MongoDB, SnowflakeRedshift, and more. Atlas builds deterministic query sets to orchestrate requests across systems while preserving referential integrity.

Request Scheduling & Queue Management

Atlas allows engineers to execute privacy requests automatically in a configurable schedule. This queue functionality pre-empts manual management and optimizes processing. 

Extensible Rules & Webhook Support

Customize data processing policies directly in the data map, then extend privacy further with Atlas webhooks that trigger custom logic in business services like subscription management.

Atlas orchestrates privacy for top teams

“At Slice we have over 12,000 independent pizzerias from all over the United States in our network. This nationwide scale could have made compliance with regulations like CCPA complex and resource draining. But Ethyca’s platform simplified everything by dramatically shortening our time to readiness and removing all the manual effort common to other data privacy approaches. We couldn’t be happier!”

Jason Ordway
CTO, Slice

Why Ethyca, and why now?

We're building for a world where privacy is table stakes

The internet is growing up. This is most evident in evolving expectations for the treatment of user data; thankfully,  the era of “move fast and break things” is coming to an end.

It’s not just our opinion. It’s evidenced by the wave of privacy legislation that has swept the globe on the back of Europe’s GDPR. By the end of 2021, 83% of the world’s population will be protected by a modern privacy law, with attendant rights businesses are bound to respect.

In this new era, developers and GRC teams are crying out for tools that make it easier to build respect for user privacy into data systems. We’re proud to provide the developer-friendly APIs and deployed applications that are powering greater trust in the internet.

Rapid implementation

Dockerized deployment

Atlas is provided as a Dockerized application with easy-to-follow setup documentation. Spinning up an instance to configure a registry of data sources across your infrastructure takes as little as an hour.

Unmatched versatility

Built for data engineers

Atlas is built to support the privacy engineering needs of busy data teams working in widely-used platforms like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, Redshift, MongoDB and DynamoDB.

Programmatic privacy rights fulfillment

Orchestrate with confidence

Security with Zero Trust

Atlas follows Privacy by Design principles and NIST Zero Trust standards. Atlas is deployed and controlled exclusively within your firewall/VPC, assuring internal control only. No opening ports to the public internet.