Subject Requests


Subject Rights (DSR)

Most tech stack’s were not designed in anticipation of the need to respond quickly and fully to User Rights Requests as required by new regulation which creates significant codebase and business logic changes.


DSR/SAR with Ethyca

Ethyca’s in-line transaction based data mapping power identifies data movement for a given user identity and fully automates, comprehensive, rapid response to any User Request at zero incremental cost.

Subject Rights Request Features

Easily add support for subject rights retrieval of data, editing or deletion of specified attributes or total subject erasure with comprehensive activity logging.

Subject Access Requests

Specify any Subject identifiers to automatically return a package of all User Data categorized by processing activities.

Data Rectification

Automate the ability for Subjects to select and rectify their data records with Ethyca’s ability to retrieve individual attributes.

Data Deletion

Provide Subjects the ability to delete specific attributes of data from their records with Ethyca’s purpose built retrieval and delete support.

Subject Erasure

Ensure Subjects “right to be forgotten”, or system-wide erasure of a given users data supported by an activities log for supporting audit trails.

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