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Welcome to your first day at Ethyca, Winston!

"Working at Ethyca has really let me expand my skillset. It's one of the good things about being part of a fast-growing team—there's always a fun new challenge to sink into, and always great people to jump in with you. Turns out building trust into systems is fun!"

Suchi Natarajan, Marketing

"Starting a job in a completely remote environment was foreign and a little daunting to me (I'm sure many other employers and employees can relate to right now). However, the culture that Ethyca promotes and the people that work here truly made the experience seamless, fun, and productive."

Adria Sherman, Product

Table of Contents

Winston, you’re here at last! Here’s a little about this page…

We’re so excited to have you join the Ethyca team. Building trust in data-driven systems is a vital mission, and we’ve got a great group of passionate people working to make it happen…a group that now includes you!

On this page, we’ve collected all the materials you’ll need to get started here – think of this page as Mission Control for your first day. Welcome aboard!

Onboarding Essentials

  • Your Ethyca email:
  • Your 1st meeting: TBD
  • Your onboarding buddy: Dominika Mazurova
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Follow us on LinkedIn
  • Tell the world you’ve joined our mission at Ethyca! 🙂

MFA Authentication

For security compliance, you’ll be required to enable MFA Authentication on the accounts you’ll use for work. We recommend using the authenticator app Authy, which can you can download here. In order to set up your Gmail and GDrive account with MFA you’ll have to follow this tutorial. Let us know if you have any questions!

First Day: What to Expect

We want to help you get as ready as possible for your first day and week at Ethyca, with that in mind, the following section outlines what you can plan for on your first day at Ethyca.

Day 1 Rundown

  • Settle in at your desk (or virtually at your computer these days)
  • TBD
  • Orientation, Company & Product Overview
  • Review Employee Handbook
  • Review Information Security Policy


  • Configure your system, setup software & connect to company services
  • Review Engineering Playbook
  • Setup your dev environment
  • Take time to orient yourself


Your default computer username and password are below. Please ensure you update your password when you first login.

  • Username: winston
  • Password: 3thyc4

If you’re unsure, here’s a document explaining how to do this on Mac.


We use G-Suite for email, calendaring and productivity tools. Your email address is:
You should have received an invitation to configure your email. If you did not receive this, please let the systems point of contact on this document know.

If requested by your manager, or in a customer facing role, please setup a full company approved signature (you can find the assets required on Dropbox)


Slack should be used for all internal team communication unless it requires an email. There are channels for general, engineering, sales, strategy, etc. You should have an invitation to Slack in your inbox already. Please ensure you download and install the Slack app from here if it’s not are already on your computer and login with your account.

GitHub Issues 

Github Issues is the primary task and activity manager for the Fides team. Here there are products, projects, work streams, change requests and minor tickets/bugs – you should be familiar with this already but if not, feel free to ask any member of the team to show you around. 

If you want more information on Github Issues, you can find resources here. 

Google Drive

We use this for storage of all company documents, client assets/deliverables, long form documents or any other material worth sharing across the organization. You will see the structure is pretty easy to understand with folders for the company, the clients, the product and so on. You should have access to Google drive via your company email and you can navigate to this at

1Password Setup

You should have received an invitation to 1Password to your email address – if not, please contact the software point of contact on this page.

And for any credentials you might need, make sure you’ve set up your 1Password account so you can login to necessary systems.


Ethyca codes resides in repositories on Gitlab for our SaaS platform products, Ethyca Pro & Atlas, and Github for our open source products, Fides Ops & Fides. You should have received an email invitation to access the Ethyca groups and associated repositories.

A member of the engineering team will spend time with you this week to help familiarize you with the codebase, structure and workflows. We ask you to spend as much time getting comfortable as you can.


Confluence is our primary document repository related to our codebase. In short, if you’re looking to understand components of the system or overall architecture, the is where you should look.

If you work in the engineering team and are taking the lead on implementation of any existing or new services or system functionalities, you are responsible for following a strong and safe SDLC process, that means at minimum you are expected to:

  1. Prepare a design document for anything you intend to implement, including sequence diagram and any detailed specifications.
  2. Ensure that you have at least one peer engineer review and approve or provide feedback prior to proceeding with implementation.
  3. Ensure you reference your documentation in the associated Jira ticket and Gitlab branch.
  4. Prepare Release Notes following the release note templates for any work ready for release.

Note: As a team we care about quality and care of each other, you own your codebase and are responsible for it’s quality, readability and the quality of documentation – we expect everyone to care about this as much as we do.

Product Overview

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable with the products we’re building at Ethyca, so below is an overview of Ethyca’s offerings – you’ll get to go through each in detail during your onboarding.

Ethyca Fides

We launched the world’s first open-source developer tools for data privacy in November 2021 at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portgual. Fides marks a radical reimagining of how privacy engineering can be approached, and the response from our community was full of excitement. We’re looking forward to 2022 as a year of evolving Fides into the internet’s trust infrastructure – and can’t wait for your help!

View documentation here for an overview of Fides

Ethyca Pro & Organization

We have two paid in-market product tiers that are built to make privacy compliance effortless for legal and engineering teams in businesses of almost any size. Leading global brands and their customers are using Pro & Organization for privacy compliance right at this very moment, although our company roadmap focus is squarely oriented towards the Fides open-source tools. 

View documentation here for an overview on Ethyca Pro

Privacy Primer

Learning about the world of privacy takes time and diligence, and the entire team will be here to help you. In addition to this every team mate has the opportunity to go through CIPP training. However in advance of this, here’s some documentation to get you started on your journey.

Privacy Primer

This summary document will give you an outline about privacy regulations and how to think about the business requirements and complexities of Privacy. So much to learn and so many opportunities to innovate here – we look forward to your ideas!

View the Primer on Privacy Here.

Or, Get A Walkthrough The Document from Cillian Here.

Employee Documents

In this section you’ll be able to find links to commonly used systems to manage your personal information as well as documentation about your role at Ethyca.

Employee Handbook

Please ensure that you have read and sign the employee handbook this week if you have not done so already. Your handbook is located on Gusto in the documents section here. If you have trouble finding this please contact the HR point of contact on this page.

Note: You must read, understand and sign this document as it lays out codes of conduct, behavior policies and how issues are resolved at Ethyca – it matters to us that you contribute to our team so understanding our policies is key.

Engineering Playbook

As a new member of Ethyca’s Engineering corps, this playbook dives deeper into the inner workings of our codebase. It’s a living, breathing document that’s been assembled by our team to help get you familiar with the product; soon, you’ll be able to add to it too!

Can be found here 

Information Security Policy

You’ve joined Ethyca and here we’re manically obsessed with building the platform for trust in data driven businesses – that means we care about safety, security and privacy more than the average company. It’s vital to us that you care about this also. This is also available in Gusto documents section here.

As part of joining Ethyca you must read, understand and sign the Information Security Policy which defines our behavior, policy and processes around security.

Note: Our business success and ultimately the mission we’re on to build a leading platform for trust hinge on security. We all care deeply about this – we hope you will too.

Points of Contact

It’s important to us that you can quickly get comfortable in your surroundings at Ethyca – you’re part of our small but growing team and your comfort matters to us. For that reason, below are a list of key points of contact that are responsible for various questions you may have:

Role Name Email Slack Phone
Manager Kelly Huang @kelly 804 592 6405
HR Dominika Mazurova @dominika 718 916 6251
Hardware Dominika Mazurova @dominika 718 916 6251
Software Neville Samuell @neville 646 945 0229
Office Requirements Dominika Mazurova @dominika 718 916 6251

Start Spreading the News!

You’re joining Ethyca at a time of great growth. One of the most important things you can do to contribute to that is simply to talk about your experience. Here are some things you can do right away that will help bring more great people to our organization…

  • Let the world know you’re an Ethyca team member on LinkedIn! We’ve got a few assets to help. In particular, we’d be hugely grateful if you could update your LinkedIn background to showcase our brand and the fact that we’re looking for more great people! You can use the image found here. 
  • While you’re at it, why not write a post or tweet and tag us in it? You can find us on Twitter here and on LinkedIn here.

Meet the Team

Adria Sherman

Technical Product Manager

Adrian Galvan

Software Engineer

Anna Stolbova

Director of Customer Success

Austin Kraft

Privacy Content Creator

Brenton Mallen

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Cara Radom

Senior Visual Designer

Catherine Smith

Software Engineer

Cillian Kieran

CEO / Co-Founder

Cole Garbo

Technical Writer

Dave Quinlan

Senior Security Architect

Dawn Pattison

Senior Software Engineer

Eduardo Armendariz

Senior Software Engineer

James Shelly

Head of Content Marketing

Jason Barnes

Customer Success Manager

Jonathan Deane

Sales Development Representative

Kelly Huang

VP of Product

Nelson Schoenbrot

Software Engineer

Neville Samuell

VP Engineering

Phil Salant

Senior Software Engineer

Robert Keyser

Solutions Engineer

Roger Plotz

QA Engineer

Sean Preston

Engineering Manager

Simon Keane

Director of Design

Steve Murphy

Senior Software Engineer

Suchitra Natarajan

Junior Web Developer

Thomas La Piana

Engineering Manager