Trust in Data & Technology

We’re extremely excited to share Ethyca with the world (well, those reading this). Over a year ago, we started to work quietly on an engineering problem that is painful for developer teams everywhere and at the same time vital for the safety of every user of internet and data powered businesses.

Everyone is talking about data privacy, breaches, system safety/integrity and regulation. Mostly this is articulated by businesses as a fear of fines with the knee jerk reaction being to find a quick ‘bandaid’ to avoid the risk. We found this disappointing on two fronts:

  1. As developers, the friction introduced in CI/CD and the additional human overhead needed to manage data privacy is Sisyphean without any tangible improvement in the end user’s data safety. 
  2. As people who work in technology, we found it disappointing that our talented industry, particularly those companies that have seen ‘hockey stick’ growth curves on their user bases and untold financial gain are not taking their users needs more directly to heart.

We believe there has to be a better way. One that minimizes friction for developer and product teams while maximizing the privacy controls in place around user data. We also believe the solution to better user privacy is not just regulations but code. 

Our mission at Ethyca is to increase trust in internet and data-driven businesses. Benefiting developer teams and end users equally.

Our team of engineers, product designers and data privacy specialists have been working for over a year to disassemble and interpret privacy regulations in Europe (GDPR), for California (CCPA), Brazil (LGPD) and the many draft privacy regulations that are in review globally, to create infrastructure and elegant abstractions that manage privacy requirements as code that easily integrates with your existing tech stack.

We’re excited to invite our first Beta Developer teams and Pilot Customers to trial two version of our infrastructure and eager to get your collective feedback. We’re confident we already have the most comprehensive technology solution to data privacy but we’ll continue to iterate and improve rapidly in the coming months and years.

With Ethyca, you can trust in data.

– Team Ethyca