The challenge of User Data Privacy

Customers and governments now expect privacy to be a part of system design which introduces challenges for the key people managing data.

Architects & Developers

Teams are challenged to make privacy part of their system design while staying agile, but data regulation is unclear and slows down agile DevOps & CI/CD processes.


Ongoing risk of breaches and the increased possibility of fines leads to time-consuming auditing, reporting and access management to further mitigate risk.

Privacy & Legal

Privacy, compliance and legal teams are pressured to keep pace with the ballooning volume of data the organization manages, and the inherent associated risks.

Automated Data Privacy Infrastructure

Ethyca is installed and managed as core service infrastructure in your organizations tech stack, automating data privacy with the benefits of self-service.

  • Privacy management as code
  • Automated compliance with CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, etc
  • Minimize friction for developer and data teams
  • Ensure data safety throughout organization

A Single System with Complete Enterprise-Wide Control

Rely on a centralized control panel providing visibility of all organization transactions and supporting data privacy requirements such as:

  • Data Flow Mapping
  • Subject Access Requests (DSR/SAR)
  • Edit/Delete Requests
  • Erasure (Right to be forgotten)
  • Privacy based Access Control
  • Impact Assessments as part of CI/CD

Privacy for developers, by developers

User data privacy should be solved in code, not just regulation. We’ve analyzed privacy regulations and interpreted this as automated infrastructure you can easily deploy in your environment and configure with just a few lines of code for each application/services config files.

Our Commitment to Ethical Data Management

Our mission is to ensure and increase trust in data-driven business. It’s true that business’ ability to collect, process, and analyze data has never been greater, unlocking huge competitive advantage. But without the public trust, it’s impossible to realize the full potential of data to improve people’s lives. That’s why everything we do begins with trust.