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Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets.

Ethyca automatically handles Data Maps, Data Subject Requests, and Consent Management.
Consent Management – Ethyca lets your users manage all their data consent preferences in a single panel. So if they say “Do Not Sell My Data”, it’s instantly, automatically updated throughout your organization. 

Data Maps – Hook your third-party platforms into Ethyca using our pre-built adaptors and instantly see a real-time map of your business’s data flows.
DSRs – When a customer requests their data, Ethyca processes it automatically and sends them a comprehensive report, per CCPA requirements, with no effort needed from your team.
Automated Data Mapping

Automated Data Mapping.

Use Ethyca’s pre-built adaptors to hook your data stores into one unified Data Map that shows where your data lives, and how it’s being utilized.
Automated Data Subject Requests (DSR)

Simplified Data Subject Requests.

Ethyca completely automates the process of a DSR from the moment a user requests their data to the final delivery of the report.
Automated Consent for Processing Managmenet

Unified Consent Management.

A single panel where your users can manage all their consent choices. If they say “Don’t Sell My Data,” their preference automatically updates through your organization.
Dock Cloud Privacy Adaptors

Integrate with hundreds of tools.

Ethyca’s team has done the legwork to make sure all your platforms link together seamlessly. All you have to do is press play.