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Our mission: make privacy easy for the internet

At Ethyca, we know trust isn’t just given; it must be earned. We’re on a mission to help teams build respectful systems, and in so doing, restore user trust in the internet.
Why Ethyca, and why now?

We're building for a world where privacy is table stakes

The internet is growing up. This is most evident in evolving expectations for the treatment of user data; thankfully, the era of “move fast and break things” is coming to an end.

It’s not just our opinion. It’s evidenced by the wave of privacy legislation that has swept the globe on the back of Europe’s GDPR. By the end of 2021, 83% of the world’s population will be protected by a modern privacy law, with attendant rights businesses are bound to respect.

In this new era, developers and GRC teams are crying out for tools that make it easier to build respect for user privacy into data systems. We’re proud to provide the developer-friendly APIs and deployed applications that are powering greater trust in the internet.

Who do we help, and how?

Solving for cross-functional privacy challenges

For engineering teams, privacy as code.

At Ethyca, we believe data privacy is fundamentally a technical problem with a technical solution. Our tools empower engineering teams to integrate privacy considerations into the SDLC process – from planning all the way through to post-deployment. In our view, serving the developer community is the fastest way to facilitate truly respectful systems.

  1. policy:
  2.   - fides-key: advertising_analysis
  3.   name: Advertising Behavioral Analysis
  4.   description: Register policy for behavioral analysis.
  5.   rules:
  6.     - fides-key: reject_behavioral_analysis
  7.     name: Reject Contact Data Behavioral Analysis
  8.       description: Disallow collecting any user contact info to us for behavioral analysis for advertising.
  9.       data_categories:
  10.         inclusion: ANY
  11.         values:
  12.         -
  13.       data_uses:
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For legal teams, privacy as effortless compliance.

While we believe in technical approaches to better privacy, we understand legal teams hold ultimate accountability for regulatory compliance in most organizations. Ethyca makes it easy to follow the law by reducing the manual effort needed for privacy rights fulfillment, and by providing first-class proprietary reporting tools to validate compliance practices.

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Orchestrating privacy for top teams

Interested in joining Ethyca?

We’re building world-class tools, developer-friendly APIs, and deployed applications that make it easy to provide users with control over their personal data. If you’re interested in baking trust into complex systems, get in touch!

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