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The open-source language for data privacy

Fides lets dev and legal teams govern data according to its privacy attributes to streamline and simplify compliance.
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What's new to Fides?

Open-source DSR automation in any stack

Fides empowers engineering and legal teams to automate end-to-end privacy rights fulfillment in any tech stack. Start by scanning infrastructure for PII. Continue by generating a GDPR Article 30-compliant data map. Finish by orchestrating access and erasure requests in any kind of infrastructure… all for free with an open-source platform.

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Why Privacy as Code?

A better solution to full-stack data privacy governance

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Automated Data Mapping

Gain clarity with an always-accurate dynamic data map.

Discover, classify, and visualize the entire data ecosystem in minutes. Privacy as Code means easily maintaining map accuracy as systems evolve... no data maps that are dead on arrival.

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Programmatic Subject Requests

Save time with automated DSRs for any law in any stack.

It's not just that you can process subject requests in seconds with effortless integration to the full data stack. Privacy as Code means you can customize your workflows for new laws or policies.

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Privacy Checks as Code in CI

Protect users with privacy policies as code guardrails.

Previously, legal and compliance teams had no way to ensure product releases adhered to stated privacy policies. Privacy as Code means automated checks to ensure ongoing compliance.

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Orchestrate with Fidesops

Save thousands of hours a year on privacy rights fulfillment

It takes 83 hours and $1,700 to manually fulfill the average Data Subject Request. With Ethyca’s open-source data privacy tools, you can complete the same request in approximately 17.2 seconds. Fides programmatically orchestrates access and erasure across distributed systems to help you save time and increase efficiency at no incremental cost.

  • CLI tools for privacy request orchestration as code
  • Open-source Privacy Center for request intake
  • Management UIs for E2E open-source subject rights
Enforce with Fidesctl

Catch non-compliant code before it's deployed

Fides replaces the need for clumsy review processes, including manual privacy code reviews by a legal stakeholder before shipping to production. To this end, GRC teams can collaborate with engineers to approve permitted policies in Fides that are enforced in the CI pipeline to ensure privacy risk is carefully managed in development.

  • Define privacy policies as code in Fides language
  • Evaluate privacy risk as part of CI workflows
  • Remove privacy siloes between legal & eng teams
Engineer with confidence

Rest assured data never leaves your stack

Solving privacy problems shouldn't create security problems. In contrast to cloud-hosted SaaS privacy solutions, Fides lives on-premise in your stack. This means no data egress and no need to rely on a small third-party provider for hosting your company's most precious information.

  • Self-hosted open-source privacy platform
  • Eliminate risk of data egress
  • Avoid new privacy risk in pursuit of compliance

Lots to chew on? Start with some Fides video how-to's...

  • Ethyca presents:

    Welcome to Fidesctl

    Here’s a short video on how to get started with fidesctl; cloning the repository locally, running a quick deployment with Docker, and setting up a database.
  • Ethyca presents:

    Exploring policies in Fidesctl

    Here’s a short video exploring a demo policy file in fidesctl; you’ll see how each policy comprises an array of rules for datasets described by fideslang.
  • Ethyca presents:

    Annotating data with Fidesctl

    Here’s a short video on how to begin annotating data in fidectl using the annotate-dataset command in the CLI, with a data hierarchy visualizer.
Build for a world where privacy is table stakes

Join the Fides open-source community

The internet is growing up. Privacy protections are no longer “nice to have” – they’re demanded by users and legally required by an ever-growing set of global regulations. Software engineers created the Information Big Bang; software engineers are uniquely equipped to solve the challenges contained therein. Join the Fides community to interact with like-minded privacy engineers and receive hands-on support.

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