Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase trust in the internet and data-driven businesses. We believe user data privacy and security is a problem rooted in code and design, not regulation. We build infrastructure and tools that removing friction from ethical data management. Now your teams can do the right thing for users with ease.

Data Privacy & Risk Management

This is not a zero sum game and we’re here to prove it. Regulations are increasing, but that does not mean that productivity needs to go down. We want to empower people to build great products, comply with regulations, and most importantly, build trust in data and technology systems.

Our Business

As developer and product teams we have faced the challenge of practicing ‘privacy by design’ and building products with greater care. As data-driven business grows, we’re building tools that make it easier to do the right thing for users.


Our Culture

We believe in transparency and honesty in every part of our business and encourage everyone to participate throughout the business irrespective of expertise. Trust and care are the guiding principles of our growing team and we protect this passionately.

Our People

We know that building privacy into the way teams works takes diversity. That’s why we’re really proud to be, and focused on, building a diverse team from around the world with a common passion for making technology that cares about privacy and data safety.


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