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Saying "Hello" to California privacy?

The Golden State is a hotbed of privacy legislation. This Hub is built to get you acquainted with the finer points of the CCPA, CPRA, and all things California privacy.

“After a year-long sprint to get ready for CCPA, a new law like the California Privacy Rights Act can seem daunting. Our simple, scalable privacy tech lets you automate all core compliance tasks and stay ahead of an ever-changing legal landscape.”

Kelly Huang
Ethyca VP of Product

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Virginia’s CDPA and California’s CCPA look alike, both in their names and their overall terms. However, companies must understand where they differ in order to remain compliant and to prepare for other states' laws.
It’s been a wild year in the world of data privacy. Our CEO Cillian put together some thoughts on what the passage of a brand new California privacy law means practically for the business community.
It’s a wild time in the world of data privacy. With the California Consumer Privacy Act becoming eligible for legal enforcement on July 1, companies all over the US are rushing to get compliant with the country’s first truly far-reaching privacy law. When a marketplace is full of urgency, it can be hard to separate truth from fiction.

Ethyca Makes It Simple For Your Team To Solve The CPRA.

Data flows are becoming more complex than ever before.

A recent survey found that an overwhelming majority (90%) of privacy professionals’ firms engage with third parties for data processing. Further research indicates that about 71% of companies expect their third-party networks to become even larger by 2022..

The stakes for regulatory compliance have never been higher.

The EU’s GDPR has ushered in a new wave of privacy legislation with steep penalties for noncompliance. GDPR fines can reach up to €20 million, or 4% of a company’s revenue, whichever amount is higher. In the US, recent legislative sessions have seen consistent year-on-year increases in the number of regulations introduced and passed.

People want to do business with trustworthy brands.

Three of four shoppers prioritize brand trust over price when they are making a purchasing decision, and 22% of consumers report they would spend more with trustworthy brands. Thoughtful and compliant privacy practices are among the most visible ways for a company to demonstrate its respect for users’ data.

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Why CPRA, and why now?

It seems a little odd that California just passed another privacy law, right? Here’s a breakdown of the reasons why CPRA was a fast follow up. 

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3 quick CPRA tips

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