Data Protection Impact Assessments


Risk & Impact Assessment

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) are now a legal must-have, but they’re a friction-filled challenge for developers, data teams and privacy specialists that rarely actually improve risk mitigation.


Ethyca Assessments as Code

Build DPIAs into the coding workflow by allowing them to be submitted via command line, to an API or even via Slackbot. Privacy teams configure a risk threshold which Ethyca uses to review and assess escalated risks.

Data Protection Impact Assessment Features

Learn more about Ethyca’s code based workflow for significantly reducing CI/CD friction and ensuring high-quality risk assessment.

Risk Assessments as Code

Easily create an impact assessment for a new business process as code via CLI or Slackbot.

Define Risk Level Thresholds

Simply define and manage risk thresholds based on data sensitivity, processing activities and business rules.

Automatically Identify High Risks

Ethyca automatically evaluates all requests and flags high risk processes for manual review and subsequent remediation.

Automated Report Generation

Ethyca automatically generates human readable risk analysis reports for all processes providing a comprehensive audit trail.

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