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Why Privacy as Code?

A better solution to full-stack data privacy governance

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Automated Data Mapping

Gain clarity with an always-accurate dynamic data map.

Discover, classify, and visualize the entire data ecosystem in minutes. Privacy as Code means easily maintaining map accuracy as systems evolve... no data maps that are dead on arrival.

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Programmatic Subject Requests

Save time with automated DSRs for any law in any stack.

It's not just that you can process subject requests in seconds with effortless integration to the full data stack. Privacy as Code means you can customize your workflows for new laws or policies.

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Privacy Checks as Code in CI

Protect users with privacy policies as code guardrails.

Previously, legal and compliance teams had no way to ensure product releases adhered to stated privacy policies. Privacy as Code means automated checks to ensure ongoing compliance.

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Unmatched privacy intelligence

ML classification to supercharge Fides data discovery and tagging

Fides Business packs an ML classifier that makes it easy to generate representations of the data ecosystem in Fides taxonomy. This means big time savings for privacy teams, and the ability to efficiently enforce privacy governance on tech stacks of any size.

  • Automatically scan data ecosystem to identify PII
  • Programmatically tag PII according to a shared taxonomy
  • Leverage tags for data mapping, DSR fulfillment, & more
Connect with any type of infrastructure

Govern the whole stack with pre-built integrations for SaaS and owned databases

Fides Business packs the connectivity and customizability to seamlessly integrate with any platform in the tech stack. It includes pre-built connectors with guaranteed uptime for the world's leading SaaS platforms, and can also effortlessly orchestrate privacy in owned databases like Snowflake, MongoDB, and Redshift through Fides' extensible taxonomy.

  • Connect SaaS platforms for access & erasure in seconds
  • Orchestrate automated access & erasure in large databases
  • Maintain unified visibility of full ecosystem with Fides
Standout experience, reporting, and visualization

Empower every privacy stakeholder with one platform

Fides Business eliminates the siloes between business and technical privacy users. The Privacy as Code power of Fides is paired with elegant UIs for visualization, reporting, and analysis. While engineers are practicing granular privacy governance as part of customary CI/CD workflows, business and legal users can generate the deliverables they need for first-class program management.

  • Elegant privacy reporting dashboards
  • Filterable data flow visualizations
  • Easy-to-generate privacy compliance documentation

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