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Come build the trust layer of the internet

Our team is passionate about privacy. The tools we build improve the lives of billions of internet citizens. Plus our pet game is unmatched. Interested?
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Our Ethyca values

Building tools to power internet trust takes a certain type of person. Here are five values that sit at the core of all we do:

We work on trust

We quite literally work on the problems of trust and so, we believe nothing is more important than this. Earning trust requires of us all the courage to be vulnerable, the consistency to be dependable and a commitment to transparency that demonstrates integrity. We know trust is earned, not given, so we work on trust.

“At Ethyca, we know restoring user trust in data-driven systems will take hard work. We’re building a team that believes the internet should work for everyone, and it’s this shared sense of purpose that makes our team special. Each one of us believes respect for user privacy is critical for the future of online community.”

Cillian Kieran

CEO / Co-Founder

Working with Ethycans

Stronger together: how we navigated forward through pandemic uncertainty

On Saturday March 14, 2020, the Ethyca team realized we wouldn’t be going back to our office in Manhattan’s Flatiron district any time soon. Like most, we didn’t realize just how dramatically our world was about to change, and for how long. And for us, there was an extra layer of complexity in the sudden shift to remote collaboration: our first customers had just onboarded and our team had just started to grow rapidly.

We evolved into the group that we are today through this unique set of circumstances. Throughout last year, we rapidly iterated on our approach to each aspect of how the company worked together; shipping product, ideating design, team socializing. Some efforts were very successful. Others were not! Throughout it all, we kept spirits high, attitudes inquisitive, and sought to treat our colleagues with empathy, always.

As we grow into a larger team that will continue supporting distributed and in-person contribution, we’ll seek to preserve the spirit that propelled us forward through 2020 while much of the world stood still.

Meet the Ethyca team

Bringing passion to our work and jokes to our Slack channel

Adam Sachs

Senior Software Engineer

Adrian Galvan

Software Engineer

Allison King

Senior Software Engineer

Catherine Smith

Software Engineer

Cillian Kieran

CEO / Co-Founder

Dave Quinlan

Senior Security Architect

Dawn Pattison

Senior Software Engineer

Jackie Wong

Privacy Content Creator

Michael Brown

Senior Technical Product Manager

Neville Samuell

VP Engineering

Robert Keyser

DevSecOps Engineer

Roger Plotz

QA Engineer

Sean Preston

Engineering Manager

Simon Keane

Director of Design

Steve Murphy

Senior Software Engineer

Suchitra Natarajan

Web Developer

Thomas La Piana

Staff Software Engineer