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“A system to determine what PII is and where it’s stored, AND I can use the information to have proof that these checks are run?! We’re being hit by internal security teams because a lot of our clients are sensitive about how their data is being used and where it lives. [Fides] is a powerful piece of technology to go back to them with.”

Sr. Data Engineer

Public SaaS Co.

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Ready to level up your PrivEng powers?

If you’re part of dev team in a fast-paced environment where shipping code matters most, it can be easy to think of privacy as a tax that bogs work down in order for legal teams to evaluate risks.

Up to now, even those who wanted to build privacy into agile processes haven’t had easy ways to do so. At Ethyca, we believe it’s impossible to solve the world’s privacy challenges without first making it easier for product-builders to do the respectful thing regarding user data. That’s why building great devtools for privacy matters so much to us.

Because of this belief, Fides is proudly open-source. Fides software is licensed under Apache 2.0, and Fides Language under Creative Commons BY 4.0, to ensure it’s available to anyone wanting to build privacy and respect into the code they ship.

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Our team of data privacy devotees would love to show you how Ethyca helps engineers deploy CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD privacy compliance deep into business systems. Let’s chat!

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