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Retail & E-commerce

Privacy Intelligence for Retail and E-Commerce

Breakthrough data privacy intelligence automation in Retail and E-Commerce
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How Fides works for Retail & E-Commerce


Customer Data Mapping

Effortlessly understand where your customer data resides across all of your retail operations and what risk it poses to your business. With automated customer data detection and risk analysis Fides gives you a real-time view of your compliance health and risks.

Automated Privacy Requests

Easily respond to customer privacy requests with confidence that you can safely retrieve or delete customer data automatically across your e-commerce system. Fides’ built-in safety measures ensure you keep critical data you need and safely de-identifies the data you don’t.

Grow Business with Trust

Grow your business safe in the knowledge that you're compliant with international and local privacy laws for consent. Fides analyzes your use of data to automatically target users with the privacy notices and collect consent, ensuring you can focus on growth.

Privacy Engineering Intelligence in Retail and E-Commerce

Simplify compliance, reduce risk and grow your customer trust with the Ethyca.

Ethyca’s cutting-edge privacy intelligence platform was built for retail and e-commerce companies to streamline complex data privacy regulations globally.
Ethyca helps you improve and prove your data privacy compliance so you can win the trust of customers and grow your business.

With Fides data privacy intelligence from Ethyca you can automate data mapping and reporting, streamline privacy requests to seconds and confidently automate consent management to accelerate your advertising activities globally.

Learn how Ethyca can help simply and accelerate privacy for your e-commerce now.

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Breakthrough data privacy intelligence automation in Retail and E-Commerce

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