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Privacy Intelligence for Advertising

Breakthrough data privacy intelligence automation for the Advertising Industry
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How Fides works in Advertising


Personal Data Discovery

Rapid personal data discovery and mapping means you know what data you’re processing and where, so you can prevent the biggest risks to your advertising business. Fides’ identifies and labels sensitive data to provide you with a real-time view of risks across your advertising systems.

True Advertising Consent

Confidently serve the right consent to visitors, anywhere in the world with a user experience that maximizes opt-in and minimizes risk. Fides automatically identifies your use of data and targets the right consent requirements for visitors anywhere in the world.

Effortless Privacy Requests

Easily accept and process privacy requests in seconds with automated processing for every major privacy regulation, including GDPR, CCPA, VCDPA and LGPD. Fides privacy intelligence makes access, erasure, correction, and portability requests effortless.

Privacy Engineering Intelligence for Advertising

Ethyca simplifies consumer privacy for advertising, empowering them to safely collect and process consumer data and continue growing revenue.

Data-driven advertising must navigate a complex landscape of consumer data privacy regulations that affect their ability to collect, process and target consumers with data.
Ethyca’s privacy intelligence platform simplifies global privacy requirements, allowing advertisers and advertising technology platforms to safely grow and process consumer while assuring compliance.

Fides’ breakthrough privacy platform simplifies compliance by rapidly identifying data risks, automating privacy requests and providing the first dynamic, consent management solution for the advertising industry.

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Breakthrough data privacy intelligence automation for the Advertising Industry

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