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Privacy Intelligence for Engineering

Breakthrough data privacy engineering intelligence for Engineering
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How Fides works for Engineers


Open-Source Powered Platform

Fides is the world’s largest open-source privacy engineering platform. Privacy tools built by developers, for developers, allowing you to get support and integrate with the power of the entire open-source community.

Privacy Engineering Translator

Simplify privacy and ship compliant code, effortlessly with Fides. Our privacy intelligence automation translates privacy and data governance directly into lightweight tools built for developers to integrate into their existing developer workflows.

Automate Privacy Tasks

Remove the manual guess-work in privacy tasks like data labeling and data deletion with powerful Machine Learning classifiers and data engineering tools for privacy request automation built by privacy experts so you don’t have to.

Privacy Engineering Intelligence for Engineers

Integrate the world’s largest and most powerful, open-source privacy engineering community and privacy engineering platform to automate painful privacy engineering tasks.

With Fides, engineers can remove 90% of the manual labor from privacy tasks and focus on easily shipping privacy compliant software. Spend less time on privacy and more time on product with the assurance you’re building a trustworthy platform.

Fides is built by developers, for developers, with CLI tools, Git CI integrations and a YAML-based privacy language to integrate directly to your existing developer workflows.

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Breakthrough data privacy engineering intelligence for Engineering

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