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Legal & Privacy

Privacy Intelligence for Legal and Privacy

Breakthrough data privacy engineering intelligence for Legal and Privacy
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How Fides works for Legal and Privacy


Simplify Collaboration

Simplify compliance collaboration between legal and privacy teams, and the rest of your organization. Fides is the privacy platform that developers love with streamlined tools built specifically to automate privacy compliance for data engineering teams.

Compliance Translation Layer

Minimize the compliance risks created by the gap between legal and technology teams. Fides is a compliance translation layer, providing tools for legal teams and engineering teams, built around each teams’ need to eradicate risk.

Privacy Intelligence Automation

Accelerate compliance for risk assessment, data mapping, privacy requests processing and consent management. Fides reduces your compliance workload with intelligent automation and a privacy recommendation engine.

Privacy Engineering Intelligence for Legal and Privacy

Fides automates up to 90% of the work for legal and privacy teams with a privacy engineering collaboration platform to connect you directly to your engineering teams

Know the state of your privacy posture right now with real-time monitoring of your risks for personal data across internal and external systems, privacy requests and consent enforcement.

Fides centralized privacy operations across every team, providing a single view of risk and compliance that’s easy to understand for legal, privacy, technology and business teams.

Streamline and collaborate on privacy with the privacy platform developers love.

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Breakthrough data privacy engineering intelligence for Legal and Privacy

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