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Privacy Intelligence for Governance

Breakthrough data privacy engineering intelligence for Governance
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How Fides works for Governance


Risk Monitoring & Reporting

Automatically monitor data use and sensitive personal data across your organization to proactively identify risk based on pre-built controls or add your own custom controls for monitor business specific risks.

GRC Collaboration Tools

Easy collaboration to accelerate compliance. Fides includes a recommendation engine to simplify and evaluate data processing risks on behalf of non-GRC collabotors. Increasing your compliance and decreasing cross-functional effort.

Privacy Intelligence Automation

Reduce manual effort and improve compliance outcomes with automation tools built specifically for data privacy, governance and compliance. Fides' automated data classification, request management, monitoring and consent enforcement lightens the load.

Privacy Engineering Intelligence for Governance, Risk & Compliance

Reduce manual overhead and maximize data governance visibility and accuracy with Ethyca’s cutting-edge privacy engineering intelligence platform

Fides provides data discovery tools to dynamically discover and categorize sensitive data, paired with monitoring tools to proactively detect changes to data processing activities and mitigate risks.

Fides open-source privacy engineering roots ensure it’s a collaboration platform your technology and engineering teams will love, assuring adoption and success of your governance initiatives.

See Privacy Engineering Intelligence in Action

Breakthrough data privacy engineering intelligence for Governance

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