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Privacy Intelligence for Marketing

Breakthrough data privacy engineering intelligence for Marketing
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How Fides works for Marketing


Increase Brand Trust

Encourage data sharing with your consumers and grow your brand. Fides helps to automatically improve and build privacy compliance that grows consumer trust and encourages data sharing that deepens relationships and grows your brand performance.

Automate Privacy Requests

Delight your consumers, reduce manual privacy efforts and focus on your business growth. Fides automates privacy requests for all major regulations globally, ensuring that you can collect and process consumers personal data safely and comply with requests.

Ensure True Consent

Assure automated compliance with complex consent regulations anywhere in the world. Fides automatically serves your consumers relevant privacy notices based on their location and collects their preferences on your behalf so you can focus on marketing and growth.

Privacy Engineering Intelligence for Marketing

Empower your marketing team with privacy intelligence tools that simplify compliance and allow them to focus on what matters most - growth for your business

Global privacy regulations make the role of navigating compliance for marketing professionals ever more challenging. Fides reduces this complexity with automation that monitors personal data and processing to ensure the appropriate consent is collected based on the consumer’s location.

With Fides, marketing teams spend less time on compliance, more time on growth and automatically create happier, trustworthy consumer experiences.

Privacy Engineering Benefits


Deep Discovery

Fides provides discovery tools built for data engineers working in the harshest data engineering environments where performance is evertyhing. In tandem, Fides is designed for active collaboration, empowering technical and governance teams.

Privacy Intelligence

Fides is the largest open-source privacy engineering platform in the world with over 200,000 hours of privacy engineering expertise distilled into the platform, Fides is a privacy intelligence and engineering expert, so you don’t have to be.

Connectivity & Coverage

Fides is built on a unique open-source standard for middleware integrations providing connectivity and coverage to critical systems anywhere, across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. With Fides, you can connect to anything.

Privacy Ops

Move beyond workflow management, policies and processes to a future of dynamic, programmatic privacy operations for privacy requests, data retention, deletion, identity verification and data sharing driven by flexible global automated policies.

True Consent

Rethink consent from superficial, preference collection to a unified system of record for preference of data use and enterprise-wide consent orchestration across internal systems, data processes and third party vendors.

Future Control

Future-proof policy enforcement in the face of shifting global regulations with Fides unique open-source privacy engineering standard, you can define current or future policies and instantly apply them enterprise-wide.

Enterprise Solutions

Connectivity on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments

See Privacy Engineering Intelligence in Action

Breakthrough data privacy engineering intelligence for Marketing

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