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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

How Fides Enables Privacy Rights Compliance in the European Union
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What’s Included in GDPR?


Data Subject Rights

Under GDPR, EU citizens have a number of rights that businesses must be able to facilitate, such as the right to be informed, data access, data correction, data erasure, and data portability.

Data Auditing and Discovery

GDPR requires companies to conduct audits for data discovery. Once your organization is able to visualize all of the data it holds on users, you’ll be able to exercise proper data governance under European law.

Consent Requirements

Consent is at the heart of GDPR. It must be “freely-given, specific, and unambiguous.” It must also be easy for consumers to withdraw consent at any time. Businesses must ensure “informed consent” over the data it collects, processes, and stores on consumers.

Introduction to the European Union’s Privacy Law

The most foundational privacy law in the world is the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR is Europe’s first comprehensive privacy law. Since going into effect in 2018, it has influenced succeeding data protection laws like Brazil's LGPD and California's CCPA.

Under GDPR, European consumers have a number of data privacy rights businesses need to respect. Companies that collect, process, and transfer the data of EU citizens must ensure that their data handling processes follow GDPR protocol, and allow users to exercise their privacy rights online.

Let's go over what your business needs to do under GDPR, and how Ethyca can help you establish and maintain compliance easily.

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How Fides Enables Privacy Rights Compliance in the European Union

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