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Only Privacy as Code has the power to handle each & every state privacy law.

California? Virginia? Connecticut? Colorado? Whatever state your users call home, our easy-to-use privacy platform can ensure their data is managed in full compliance.

Automated State-level Compliance

Save 100s of hours in privacy compliance management

Ethyca's Privacy as Code platform allows for deeper, faster automation of privacy compliance tasks. We offer code-based integration with the full data stack paired with elegant, intuitive UIs for legal and compliance management.

  • Fulfill CCPA, CDPA, and other state privacy requests in seconds
  • Fully automate personal data discovery and classification
  • Enforce business privacy policies as guardrails in code
Effortless Privacy Orchestration

No more black box privacy tech: fully customizable privacy governance engine

State laws change. Systems change. Your privacy platform should be able to easily evolve with the business. Underneath easy-to-use Ethyca interfaces lies a fully customizable privacy governance engine to give your team the power it needs in an ever-changing privacy landscape.

  • Set custom rules for privacy governance
  • Select privacy policy templates for easy configuration
  • Enforce privacy policies on web and product properties

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Our team of data privacy devotees would love to show you how Ethyca helps engineers deploy CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD privacy compliance deep into business systems. Let’s chat!

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