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PEPR 22 Conference Focused On Usability, Standardization, and Data Minimization

Ethyca sponsored and attended the PEPR 22 Conference! After two days of privacy engineering talks, we reflect on three main themes.

The main themes presenters touched on were usability, standardization, and data minimization. For example, Dr. Lorrie Cranor’s presentation on cookie banners showed how providing users too much information about their cookie options is unusable and prevents them from exercising their privacy rights.

“With so many academics and businesses creating their own taxonomies, it suggests that taxonomy-based approaches are the best hope for addressing core privacy engineering issues. At Ethyca, we believe in this approach, too.”

Privacy Engineering Standardization and Data Minimization

The standardization of privacy engineering best practices and data minimization were also widely addressed. Presenters like Eivind Arvesen called for a standardized way to talk about privacy. Other speakers touched upon the tension between data minimization and privacy guarantees.

Key Takeaways From PEPR

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Future Of Privacy Forum Finds Unique Data Privacy Risks For The LGBTQ+ Community

The Future of Privacy Forum released a report that urges stronger data protections for the LGBTQ+ community. Unregulated data processing of LGBTQ+ individuals could result in them losing opportunities and freedoms.

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Italy Warns Websites Against Using Google Analytics Due To Insecure Data Transfers

The Italian Data Protection Authority (DPA) found that websites using Google Analytics violated GDPR by collecting users’ data and transferring it to the USA. The DPA will give website operators 90 days to establish compliance.

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We added a new round of Privacy Engineering Jobs Board updates last week! Click the link to see open privacy engineering positions all over the world!

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