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What GDPR and OSS licenses have in common

Ethyca's VP of Engineering Neville Samuell combines his love for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and open-source software (OSS).

As a strong advocate of Europe's privacy law, our VP of Engineering Neville Samuell explains how the data protection agreements (DPAs) required under GDPR enable privacy protections in a similar way to open-source software.

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Zoom clarifies AI training terms, but privacy concerns linger

Zoom's Chief Product Officer Smita Hashim clarified in a blog post that Zoom will not use users' data to train AI without consent. However, privacy experts still point out some ambiguity in the language of the updated terms of service.

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Amazon One aims to replace identity verification devices

Back in 2021, Amazon rolled out the hand-payment technology Amazon One. After increasing adoption across the U.S. this year, the company not only wants the pay-by-palm technology to disrupt payments but also, to disrupt identity verification.

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Fides 2.18 Product Updates

Check out what's new in Fides 2.18, such as:
🔑 Revamped OAuth experience.
📁 New and simplified DSR access package.
🔎 Auto-generating integration ID.
🔌 New Recurly access connector and Simon data connector. ... and so much more!

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