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Fides is the privacy engineering platform used by the world's fastest dev teams for effortless automation of global privacy rights.

Fides 2.0

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“The prospects that Ethyca is offering with Fides are astonishing.”

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

Why Privacy as Code?

Full Stack Privacy Tooling

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Standout privacy experience

Customizable Privacy Center

Fully customizable Next.js Privacy Center for an effortless, branded customer portal.

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Effortless request management

No-code Admin Dashboard

It’s easy to approve, deny, and manage users’ privacy requests from the Fides dashboard UI.

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Integrate with any system

Pre-built DB & API Connectors

No need to pay for SaaS integrations - Fides ships with pre-built connections for the systems across your stack.

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Deploy. Configure. Comply.

Spin up an instance and run your first DSR In under five minutes.


Quickly deploy Fides to any cloud environment to start managing privacy requests in your stack.

Privacy built for developers

Deploy in any enviroment

Fides deploys to your preferred cloud environment in minutes. Run a single CLI command to get started.

Connect to any infrastructure

With a flexible open-source connector framework, you can connect Fides to any system effortlessly.

Maintain easily

Easily maintain your privacy data models with direct integrations to projects in Git.


Quickly configure secure pre-built privacy connectors for databases and APIs with support for all major auth protocols.

Configure with confidence

Pre-built configurable privacy rules

Customize rules pre-built for major privacy regulations so you don’t have to worry about the legalese.

Customizable user experience

Fully customizable Next.js Privacy Center for an effortless, branded customer experience.

Identity verification and messaging

Configure user identity verification with MFA and plug in your preferred messaging provider for email/SMS.


Fides is your fast track to complying with privacy rights requirements for regulations around the world.

Comply with global privacy laws

Automate DSRs for CPRA, GDPR, more

With pre-built rules for major privacy regulations, you can automate requests without worrying about fine print.

Blazing fast data access and erasure

Remove engineering work from the privacy request loop to automate privacy requests in under 17 seconds.

No-code privacy request management

Build privacy management your legal team will love, with a no-code UI that’s perfectly suited for business users to approve, deny, and manage requests.

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If you want to learn more about deploying Privacy as Code in your infrastructure, click below to access our documentation.

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