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How to comply with data privacy regulations

Our CEO, Cillian Kieran, walks through major privacy requirements and how to comply.

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Fides Consent Management

Simplify consent with geo-targed privacy notices and consent enforcement for every regulation in the world, powered by Fides.

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Fides Request Automation

Reduce privacy request time to seconds with programmatic automation for databases, datawarehouse and all third party vendors.

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Fides Data Mapping

Monitor risks with visual data maps and establish trust with pre-built reports for major compliance frameworks.

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Fides Detection

Effortlessly detect systems, vendors, data flows and sensitive data risks across your entire organization.

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Fides Data Classification

Automatically classify sensitive personal data and monitor compliance risks across your organization.

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Fides Privacy as Code

Effortlessly integrate privacy in software development processes to increase compliance, minimize risk and reduce developer work.

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