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Universal consent management

Take consent beyond the browser window. Ethyca records consent preferences like the CCPA’s “Do Not Sell” and orchestrates them for each system and vendor in the data stack. 

Top teams trust Ethyca for consent management

See it in action

Here's how Ethyca orchestrates consent

Upon site arrival, users first toggle consent preferences via an Ethyca-powered cookie banner.

The cookie banner defaults to opt-in consent; cookies will not be placed in the browser until the user clicks "Accept." Styling and cookie categorization are fully customizable.
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Users can also visit an Ethyca-powered Privacy Center at any time to modify their consent settings.

These consent toggles permit granular and easily revocable ongoing preference management, per GDPR requirements.
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Each time a user updates their consent preferences, Ethyca queries data infrastructure to automatically cascade consistent consent changes across every application, data system, and vendor.

Audit logs and pre-built consent reports generate a robust compliance paper trail.
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Standout UX

Deliver first-class privacy experience​

From the moment users arrive on site, our tools deliver clear, unambiguous, and outstanding consent experiences.  Teams using Ethyca demonstrate a commitment to going beyond the letter of the law and delighting their users with truly respectful systems. 

Fit for any infrastructure

Cascade preferences deep into the tech stack

Cookie-based consent is only the start of a privacy-compliant data operation. Ethyca’s Atlas goes beyond the browser window to orchestrate data flows deep in infrastructure hosted on popular platforms like MongoDBSnowflakeRedshift, and more.


Robust reporting

Satisfy regulators with a privacy 'paper trail'

Demonstrating regulatory compliance is essential to fully realizing the benefits of fine-grained consent control. With one click, Ethyca’s pre-built templates generate consent logs to satisfy any auditor. This reporting capability yields huge time savings for busy privacy teams. 

Trusted by global brands

Top teams love using Ethyca

Put simply, Ethyca takes the burden of sifting through tons of spreadsheets off of us. We’ve got all our requests in one place and we can go through very quickly every few weeks and fulfill those for our customers.

Jeremy Thurswell
Chief Operating Officer

Ethyca has added assurance in areas that are still very gray and unknown for a lot of individuals. It allows us to continue to grow our business and brand. Data privacy compliance was becoming more and more paramount. Having a platform to make sure that we’re compliant, we’re doing the right thing, is huge.

Nolan Heyer
Conversion Rate Optimization Manager

Our team was drawn to Ethyca’s technology-first solution as a means to decrease the manual effort for our data and engineering team, while providing an intuitive, respectful UX for our community.

Josh Beser
General Counsel

Ethyca handles all of our data privacy needs related to CCPA and GDPR, including hosting our privacy center, consent management, data erasure requests, and data download requests. This has taken a significant amount of stress and confusion off of our customer service team. The support team at Ethyca is extremely helpful, hands-on, and responsive. They are truly experts in data privacy.

Meg Marsh
Senior Director, Product Management & UX

At Slice we have over 12,000 independent pizzerias from all over the United States in our network. This nationwide scale could have made compliance with regulations like CCPA complex and resource-draining. But Ethyca’s platform simplified everything by dramatically shortening our time to readiness and removing all the manual effort common to other data privacy approaches. We couldn’t be happier!

Jason Ordway
Chief Technology Officer
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Ethyca by numbers

Our platform powers trust at scale for global brands

The average Data Subject Request takes 19 hours and $1700 to fulfill manually. That’s why busy teams are switching to Ethyca for truly automated DSR fulfillment. Each week our platform queries billions of records to process thousands of privacy requests at no incremental cost. 



Seconds for Ethyca to process a Data Subject Request.


Data Subject Requests processed by Ethyca users yearly.



Total hours of manual effort saved by Ethyca technology.



Total yearly cost savings for companies powered by Ethyca.

Ready to get started?

Our team of data privacy devotees would love to show you how Ethyca helps engineers deploy CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD privacy compliance deep into business systems. Let’s chat!