Consent Management

Consent Management Platform

Build User Trust & Leverage Data With Confidence

You could run around the office every day trying to update your users’ consent preferences. Or you could just use Ethyca.
Consent Management Platform (CMP) by Ethyca
Consent Management Platform (CMP) by Ethyca
Consent Management Platform (CMP) by Ethyca

Goodbye To Piecemeal Consent Management

Hello To Privacy Made Simple.

The Problem

Consent Management

For many data processing activities, privacy laws require tracking individual users’ consent. In practice, these activities are fragmented and distributed widely across business groups, so tracking them efficiently is almost impossible.

The Solution

Consent Management

Ethyca uses a graph-like authorization model to map relationships between individual users, their consent, and processing activities. This lets you build products that respect user choices quickly and easily, and lets users trust their privacy is being respected.

Consent Management Features

Map Consent to Processing

Ethyca links cookie consent to processing activities for each user’s personal data record.

Branded Privacy Center

Ethyca comes with a custom-branded, easy-to-use interface to let your users manage their consent.

Auditable Consent Reports

Ethyca keeps a record of consent management processes to satisfy privacy regulation in any region.

Automated Activity Flags

Easily prevent data accidents by constraining access based on whether consent is given for data processing activities.

Unified Consent In Action

Build Trust By Empowering Users To Truly Take Charge.

Consent Management | Ethyca
Consent Management | Ethyca
Consent Management | Ethyca

Never Sweat Preferences Again:

  • Users toggle their consents in a branded Privacy Center.
  • Their preferences auto-update throughout your organization.
  • Let your teams leverage user data in full confidence.
Processing Activity CMP | Ethcya

Prevent Accidental Data Use:

  • Ethyca’s authorization model links data processing activities to each user’s consent.
  • Risk of leveraging user data without consent is mitigated.
  • Teams can work efficiently and confidently in the knowledge that user preferences are being respected.
Processing Activity CMP | Ethcya
Processing Activity CMP | Ethcya

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