Consent Management


Consent Flow Management

User data privacy regulations require tracking consent for individual users for each processing activity you conduct for a given attribute of information. This complexity is difficult to manage and easy to make mistakes, risking regulatory non-compliance.


Ethyca Consent Management

Ethyca uses a graph-like authorization model mapping relationships between individual users, attributes, consent, processing activities and authorization – allowing you to build products that respect user choices quickly and easily.

Consent Flow Management

See how Ethyca prevents self-harm through accidental use of data without consent with easy-to-manage mapping and authorization.

Map Consent to Processing Activities

Ethyca automatically maps consent to processing activities of individual attributes for each user.

Access Control & Processing Activities

Ethyca’s access control models ensure that services can only access data with consent for their related processing activities.

Consent Flow Reports

Ethyca’s built-in data flow maps allow privacy teams to report on when consent was given and how data related to consent was used.

Consent Flagged Authorization

Easily prevent data accidents by constraining access based on consent given for processing activities.

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