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Product Pricing

Our Fides privacy engineering platform is built to evolve with your organization. Check out and compare Fides pricing tiers below.


The world's first open-source description language & toolset for privacy engineering

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Free & Open-Source


  • Extensible privacy taxonomy

  • Command-line management tools

  • Standard UI


Fides OSS plus enhanced experience, intelligence, & connection for privacy rights

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Open-Source Plus

  • Pre-built SaaS connectors

  • Enhanced reporting and admin UI

  • Guaranteed uptime


Build with confidence to solve pressing privacy problems in mission-critical applications

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Teams Plus

  • Machine learning data classification

  • Dynamic, filterable data map UI

  • Unlimited business users

  • Dedicated implementation support and privacy engineers

Find out how each plan compares in

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Control & orchestration devtools

Orchestrate privacy rights

Standard UI

Community support

Pre-built DB connections

Pre-built SaaS connections

Enhanced connectors UI

Dedicated implementation support

Dedicated privacy engineer support

Unlimited admin users