Ethyca’s funding announcement: a letter from the CEO

Ethyca’s funding announcement: a letter from the CEO

When we started Ethyca in 2018, we had a simple but challenging mission:

Increase people’s trust in data-driven business.

Today we announce two important milestones on that journey: the launch of Ethyca Pro and the news of our $13.5m Series A funding round.

Ethyca Pro is the first completely self-service privacy solution, automating Data Mapping, DSR management and Consent for CCPA in California, GDPR in Europe, and future regulations like LGPD in Brazil. It’s a low-friction solution that integrates seamlessly with any enterprise data stack to perform all key privacy compliance tasks without any manual effort needed. You can try it completely free here.

This round of funding was led by IA Ventures and joined by a number of exceptional investors and data privacy advocates: Max Levchin’s SciFi VC, Scott Belsky, Lachy Groom and DJ Patil.

We share a common belief that building technology grounded in respect for users is one of the greatest problems the internet faces.

And we believe the solution to that problem is code, not regulation. So we’ve been building developer tools that make it easy for teams to quickly deploy safe systems with built-in respect for user rights.

It’s staggering to consider that in just a few decades, software has gone from fringe research and academic technology to powering the economy and society in general – software engineering is now civil engineering. If you’re involved in the delivery of software, you’re engaged in building critical social infrastructure. Your work can affect the lives of millions – that’s an awe-inspiring responsibility and one that should be wielded with great care before you merge to master and deploy. Ethyca gives you the tools you need to tackle the challenge of responsible privacy management.

This is just the beginning of our journey; in the coming months we’ll make the privacy developer tools we’ve been working on quietly for two years available to the public. They fit directly into existing developer workflows as CLI and Git integrations. They enable engineers to ship product at speed, while ensuring that privacy-by-design remains at the center of their technology.

To the team at Ethyca —

Thank you. I couldn’t be more grateful or inspired by the work we’re doing together. The problems we’ve all signed up to solve will continue to be challenging, but with your talent in engineering, product, and design, we’re in a position to pursue radical approaches to the problems of privacy that – quite literally – no one has ever solved.

To the wider privacy and engineering community —

We’re building developer tools and infrastructure that let engineers add frictionless data privacy to their tech stack. If you’re driven to solve meaningful problems at speed, I’d love to share more about our plans with you personally and chat about joining our team.