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Data + AI Summit: Presentation Overview

Our Senior Software Engineer Thomas La Piana recently spoke at the Data + AI Summit hosted by Databricks, where he spoke about the Fides privacy intelligence platform, and how it empowers organizations to proactively comply with privacy regulations. Check out the slides from his talk here.

I recently went to the Databricks Data + AI Summit to give a talk about the current and upcoming privacy regulations, and how the Fides privacy management platform can help businesses stay compliant.

Data privacy has become a critical issue for Data and AI companies around the world. These companies are under increasing pressure from regulators to make sure they’re respecting users’ personal data rights. 

The Fides privacy platform that the Ethyca team and I are building helps ease the fear and uncertainty around privacy regulations, and empowers organizations to proactively protect themselves against privacy risks. 

Check out the slides from my talk below to see more details:

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