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Fides 2.21 Release: Transparency Consent Framework (TCF) v.2.2 [Early Access]

Learn more about all of the updates in the Fides 2.21 release here.

Check out everything coming out with our Fides 2.21 release!

  • Transparency Consent Framework (TCF) v2.2 [Early Access]
  • Customization for Consent Experiences
  • UI-based CORS domains
  • 500 additional vendors added to Fides Compass

Early access Transparency Consent Framework (TCF) v2.2 

We are pleased to announce our *early access* support for the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Transparency Consent Framework v2.2 (TCF). At Ethyca, our aim is to simplify your compliance journey. Our TCF consent experience is fully integrated with and backed by our robust data mapping capabilities.

Unlike some other solutions that require you to invest in separate tools or maps, Fides offers unified compliance for Data Subject Requests (DSRs), Records of Processing Activities (RoPAs), and TCF consent.
Contact the customer support team at for steps on how to configure this.

Customization for Consent Experiences

Make your users’ seamless privacy experience unique to your brand while showing off your dedication to respecting data privacy. You may now upload a stylesheet to customize consumer-facing UIs like cookie consent banners. Learn more.

UI-based CORS domains

You can now add your  CORS domains to the Fides Cloud Allow List directly in the UI so that website visitors are served the right privacy and consent notices. Learn more.

500 additional vendors added to Fides Compass

Fides Compass’ extensive knowledge keeps growing! We’ve added another 500 third-party vendors to Compass’ privacy dictionary, which now totals to over 1,500. Use Compass’ privacy intelligence to fill out vendor and cookies information with a click of a button, and start generating legally compliant consent notices for global compliance. Learn more.

Check out the Fides 2.21 release notes on our docs site for a full list of fixes and developer notes.

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