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Getting started with Fides Compass

Ethyca’s Principal Product Manager Rachel Silver takes you through the privacy intelligence dictionary Fides Compass, and shows how it makes data mapping, consent, and compliance faster and easier than ever.

Data mapping is a painstakingly slow process. Having worked closely with customers of all sizes, we’ve gained a profound sense of empathy for the challenges involved in cataloging vendors and assembling all of the necessary information for compliance with global regulations, such as generating Records of Processing Activities (RoPA) for GDPR, and enforcing cookie consent worldwide.

In our experience, the process usually looks like this:

  1. Search for information from various sources to identify which vendors your organization uses and manually add them to a data map.
  2. Determine the types of data being collected by each vendor, for which purpose, and under which legal basis.
  3. Dissect each vendors’ privacy policies to pinpoint potential risks, and locate the assessments or information to remediate such risks (ex. DPAs).
  4. Locate and examine vendor cookie disclosures to identify which cookies require suppression, and manually enter this information into the data map.

It’s really hard. So, we did the work so that you don’t have to, ever again.

Introducing Fides Compass, a privacy engineering dictionary packed with deep intelligence about commonly used third- party applications and vendors. Fides Compass, when coupled with our inventory scanners and other data map automation tools, will expedite the creation of a compliant data map by autocompleting key information like:

For compliance: 

  • A privacy rating of each vendor, fueled by Ethyca’s expertise in privacy engineering, that simplifies risk assessments by identifying technical and privacy risks.
  • Legal entity name, address, and contact details for their privacy team
  • Thorough descriptions of the services offered by the vendor
  • A comprehensive list of business purposes for which personal data is collected, complete with commonly used legal bases and data categories
  • Vital compliance details including data retention policies, links to DPAs/DPIAs, data transfer policies, and more

For implementation: 

  • Detailed insights into the cookies placed by each vendor, along with their intended purposes, to aid with consent enforcement
  • Purposes for processing, data categories, and other information that will guide the process of configuring privacy request processing. 
  • Consent notices, powered by an accurate data map, ensure that the correct options are being presented to all consumers

To get started quickly, please follow the steps in the video below or visit our docs to learn more.

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