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Introducing Fides 2.20

Learn more about all of the updates on the Fides 2.20 release here.

Get ready for something special! Our latest release:

  • Supercharges system history
  • Expands our Compass offering 
  • Updates our taxonomy with new data uses & categories
  • Adds some shiny polish to our consent interface

System History

Boost your compliance and elevate your risk management with our cutting-edge System History UI. Visualize changes to system information, data use declarations, and system relationships through detailed before-and-after comparisons. Stay in control of your data map to ensure seamless compliance.

For developers, accessing this treasure trove of information is a breeze via our API or webhook digest, allowing you to create customized alerts and notifications. Keep your internal stakeholders well-informed and steps ahead of potential risks. It’ll be your go-to tool for proactive risk management! Learn more.

Compass Updates

Last week, we introduced Fides Compass, our new privacy intelligence dictionary.

Today, we’re thrilled to bring you even more exciting updates: Fides Compass can now autocomplete data use declarations, including purposes for processing, legal basis, data categories, data retention, and cookies!

What’s more, we’ve expanded our vendor network by adding an impressive 500 new vendors to Fides Compass. Stay effortlessly compliant with these powerful enhancements! Learn more

Taxonomy Updates

We’ve introduced new data use options, including Personalized Profiling and Profiling for Advertising into our taxonomy. We’ve also expanded our data categories to encompass a wider range of information, including demographics, biometrics, public and private user content, health records, criminal history, and account & authorization details. Explore the taxonomy.

Consent Notices UI Updates

Our Consent Notices UI has a fresh new look, making it easier to use. We’ve added human-friendly geographies, so that you can easily select the relevant regions of the world. We’ve also added status indicators for all notices. These updates are all about making it simpler for you to manage your data privacy. Give our improved Consent Notices UI a try today and see the difference for yourself! Learn more.

Other Updates

  • Collections and endpoints can now be skipped when processing DSRs. Learn more.
  • Custom fields have been added for privacy requests. Learn more.

Read the full Fides 2.20 release notes here

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